BCS Bowl… (yawn) Games Selection… (zzzzz) Complaints Again… (phrppp)

Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe writes a long tedious column in today’s sports section about the inequities of the Bowl Championship Series.

For the incognoscenti, the BCS is the answer from the college football bureaucrats to the question of ‘Who’s Number One?’

Considering that every year the complaints about the system fly thick and fast it’s apparent that no one really knows Who’s Number One. But it’s important to the football folk, their lives apparently on hold at this time of year, to be able to say knowledgeably at the water cooler or the bar that “Yup, yup, Huge Freaking College is Number One this year. Yup, yup, sure is.”

The process that the BCS folks use to determine Who’s Number One is so arcane that it puts intelligent people to sleep. (The Lion would note that he is so intelligent that he fell sound asleep at the end of the first paragraph of Ryan’s column.) It is rumored by odd men wearing cheap black suits and sunglasses that the people who designed the BCS system don’t understand it either.

Of course central to understanding BCS is that it doesn’t matter how it works or if it works to actually determine Who’s Number One. What matters is that it keeps people talking about the BCS and that money keeps rolling into college football coffers.

Consider if you will the Naming of The Bowls. There’s the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. The Citi Rose Bowl Game. The FedEx Orange Bowl. The Allstate Sugar Bowl.

There’s even the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Imagine how proud it must be for a player to say, perhaps when he’s in his forties or fifties, “Yup, yup, I played in that chicken fast food bowl back in the day, yup, yup.”

When the corporations are lining up to buy bowl games the jig is up. It’s no longer about Who’s Number One. It’s about Money. Big Money. The players aren’t playing for their school anymore. They’re playing for FedEx and Tostitos and the honor of millions of dead chickens.

The corporations want to own everything, and in the process they’ve made everything they touch into cold corporate product. The FedEx Orange Bowl is not the Orange Bowl. It’s just a corporate shill extravaganza for FedEx.

It doesn’t really matter anymore Who’s Number One. When your football uniform says Allstate or Citi, you’ve been bought, and we’ve been sold a bill of goods.


5 Responses

  1. I love NCAA football and don’t really care one way or another who wins the championship. I just like watching the games.


    • Chappie, doncha got no principles? Wheah’s the outrage?


  2. Even I love watching all these games….Bob Ryan’s articles are very boring and quite huge…You won’t even feel like reading them.. Visit http://www.sportsviews.com/ to get all the latest updates on the world of sports and you also get to read very interesting articles!


  3. Yes, it is all about money. The problem started long before the Tostistos and the Chick-Fil-A fucks got involved. Different groups put together different bowls decades ago and they all brag about their respective importance, so that’s reason #1 why there’s no playoffs, because then you’d be saying one bowl was more important than another. Tied to that then is the corporate sponsors. Who wants to sponsor a lesser bowl?

    Let’s face it, college football is just minor league tryouts for the NFL, so who cares who’s #1? All that matters is we get some decent matchups to watch to review some of the potential stars for Draft Day in April.

    Btw, 15 of the 32 NFL stadiums have corporate sponsors (RCA Dome, Alltel stadium, Invesco Field, etc.). Arrowhead still doesn’t (suck it, Broncos).


  4. The universities are corporations too. I’m all for sports sponsorship but only if the athletes are being remunerated for their labour, and that obviously isn’t the case in college football. They should be paid.


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