The Lion Becomes Officially Decrepit Today

Today The Lion turns 64, and he is not speaking of ballet turns. He is speaking of Beatleist turns, as noted in their tangentially eponymous song (geometers take note).

In honor of the occasion, The Lion, as near as he can figure it, has chosen to be seriously depressed for some time now. There could, of course, be other reasons (not enough money by far, no girlfriend, a favorite cat dying, inhabiting a depressing little tourist town, not being able to influence world events, not being able to decide what to do when he grows up, and so on and so forth).

In any event, to celebrate today’s occasion The Lion will blog, will spend money he can’t afford, read some philosophy, drink some tea, long for a woman, hope for money, and look forward to a plethora of nicely silly comments and insults from his little band of fans and tormenters out there in the intertubes. And tonight he may just push the electric blanket up to 3!

Onward Feline Soldier!! Yowsah!!

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8 Responses

  1. Hey, you could be my dad! No really, what were you doing during the summer of ’69? More precisely, WHO were you doing in the summer of ’69?


    • I don’t remember. Send money, son.


  2. Happy Birthday! The cat is in the mail.

    And Bocce!!


  3. That cat better not be carrying your sinusitis germs… In any event I’ll return him on your birthday.

    And may your holidays be Petanque!


  4. Happy Birthday. I’m sending the litter box that (((Billy))) neglected to send with the cat.


    • I hope you didn’t neglect to include the litter for the litter box…

      Anyone want to volunteer to send the food for the cat?


  5. […] This post was inspired by the Grumpy Lion. […]


  6. You inspired to me to post something special.

    Happy Birthday, Sexygenarian!


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