Mitt Romney Back Again, As Sleazy As Ever

After Republican Mitt ‘The Mitten’ Romney dropped out of the presidential sweepstakes he founded a political action committee to make money and took in $2.1 million dollars.

He got it by telling conservatives he was raising the money to support Republican candidates around the country. And then he spent the magnanimous sum of $244,000 in contributions to candidates. Today’s Globe, in a story by Frank Phillips, figures that to be 12 percent of the total.

Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom argued that the Free and Strong America committee’s contributions of $244,000 to other candidates represented a significant percentage of the committee’s overall expenditures. Its “level of financial support was extraordinary,” when compared with other national leaders of Romney’s standing, he said.

Twelve percent?


Pronouncements like that might suggest why Romney could barely buy a vote during the Republican primaries.

And, the story being about Mitt Romney, there are of course the usual disconnects between reality and pompous rhetoric. Here’s what Romney said in his fund raising appeal from his Free and Strong America Committee:

“It is more essential than ever that conservative candidates and organizations have the resources they need to get their message out to voters,” Romney said in the fund-raising appeal. “Because of your help, my political action committee . . . is supporting over 70 candidates this election cycle. Your continued support today will ensure that they have the assistance they need to win.”

And here’s what he did:

Qualifying for a donation from the committee did not necessarily depend on a candidate’s need for financial assistance. US Representative Rodney Alexander of Louisiana got $4,600 and his GOP colleague Lamar S. Smith of Texas received a $2,300 donation, although both had no opponents. They each had endorsed Romney in his presidential bid.

Mississippi’s US Senator Thad Cochran, who threw his support for Romney, was easily favored to win reelection, but he still got a $2,300 donation from the committee. Cochran won with 62 percent of the vote. Another Republican senator, Lamar Alexander, a popular Tennessee Republican who was under no threat of losing his seat, got a $2,300 check from Romney as he cruised to victory with 65 percent of the vote.

Reporter Phillips notes that the list of candidates receiving aid was ‘dominated’ by such candidates. Yeah, Mitt, you’re just a rough, tough guy who picks the hard battles. All mouth and no guts.

The meat of the story is neatly summed up in this paragraph by reporter Phillips:

In essence, Romney is financing a political enterprise that he can use to remain a national GOP leader and use as a springboard should he decide to launch another presidential bid for 2012.

Go for it, Mitten!

In fact The Lion suggests that the perfect Republican ticket for 2012 would be Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. These two self-aggrandizing empty suits would be the perfect pair for a Democratic landslide in four years.

The Lion also notes that the name of The Mitten’s PAC, Free And Strong America Committee, has definite overtones and undertones of Joe McCarthy, the House UnAmerican Activities Committee, and nascent fascism. But maybe that’s just because the right wing of American politics (okay, okay, the Republicans) consistently tends to disguise their anti-democratic, dictatorial tendencies in the language of Orwellian propaganda.

Note to Mitt: Us lefty atheistic types will be waiting for you in 2012, Mitt.

Note to Sarah: See note to Mitt.


5 Responses

  1. Actually, Romney’s PAC is pretty active. As a Republican activist, I made note of the fact that he was busy campaigning around the country, more so than any other defeated 08 candidate. As far as most of the PAC’s spending going toward administrative costs and consultants, isn’t that the case with every PAC? Where is the Globe story on Hillary’s PAC? Or Mike Huckabee’s PAC? Or Ted Kennedy and John Kerry’s PAC? My guess is you’d find in all those cases that “administrative costs and consultants” gobbled up anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of spending. This looks like another typical Globe “hit job” on a Republican.


  2. “This looks like another typical Globe “hit job” on a Republican.”

    Yeah, it’s about time the press got it’s priorities straight.


  3. Well I’m sure IF those Democrats were guilty of what Romney is guilty of Kathy, namely hoarding campaign donations for himself via “administrative costs and consultants” and spending the rest rewarding those who supported him (again, spending on himself), then I’m sure there must be evidence that you can offer, right?

    Take your time. We’ll wait.

    In the mean time, perhaps you could answer these questions:
    1) If the facts presented by the Globe are true, then how is it a “hit job”?
    2) If your claims are true that Romney is not alone in this behavior, does that then magically make his behavior good? In other words, how many wrongs make a right?

    Once again, take your time. We’ll wait.


  4. Well I’ll come right out the gates saying I like Romney. I hate Palin so a pox upon your tender vittles Ric if your prediction comes to be. I don’t think it will though so eat up and happy birthday.
    I would also say the Globe is no fan of Mitt and has slanted the story for their benefit.
    All politicians even the ones I like do things that are sadly allowable and that’s just reality.
    Romney by almost any accounting has been more active in trying to salvage the GOP and although I don’t expect the opposition to like that it isn’t the worse thing in a country that needs to have at least two functioning parties.


  5. I like the ‘at least two functioning parties’ bit. I’d say we could really use a couple more, and not just oddball groups, but real parties with real chances to win a useful number of Federal Congressional seats and Cabinet posts.


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