Just A Quick Reminder: Mr. Obama Is Not The President

Barack Obama is possibly the most visible, most active, most influential President-in-waiting the country has ever seen.

And from all quarters comes the cry ‘He’s not doing enough to fix the terrible problems we face.’

Which is a stupid thing to say.

He’s not the President.

The real President is bunkered up with his minions trying to create the lies that will redefine his Presidency as something other than the complete, unmitigated, stinking disaster that it really is.

Mr. Obama does not have the actual power of office yet. Even so he is far more influential than George W. Bush. He’s leaving no doubt that he will be in charge after January 20, 2009, and that he will be making changes.

But for now he can only co-opt the bully pulpit of the White House, and demonstrate a steady hand and a cool intellect and powerful pragmatism, all of which together suggest that the chance of the United States becoming a very different country than it has been under conservative dominance is quite real.

Whether he and his officials can overcome the devastating damage Bush and the Republicans have wreaked upon the United States is the elephant in the room.

But let’s remember, Mr. Obama is not the President yet.

2 Responses

  1. To show some props to the blog proprietor and that my partisanship doesn’t blind me….
    You’re right here Ric.


  2. if it matters..in2thefray=Alfie. on a different account right now.


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