Delusions Of Wall Street And Paulson Will Cost You Big Money (And Your Job, Your House, Your Wife, Your Car, Your Kids…)

Robert Reich spews some sanity over at TPM about the bailout shenanigans Bush and his pals are foisting on you.


4 Responses

  1. I’d like to see that cocksucker Paulson and his Wall Street and Goldman Sachs cronies go down. Bush too. I’m sorry to be so vulgar but I hate those guys. And Sarah Palin if you want to know the truth.


  2. I’ll offer up the link if you’d like (and if I can find it) that has Reich doing his best to downplay the publics expectations for the Obama Administration-economically speaking.


  3. The public would be foolish to have great expectations of Obama on the economic front, given the complete economic and ethical disaster Bush and the Republicans have handed him. They’ve succeeded in seriously, if not fatally, damaging the governments ability to do any serious governing, if you will, on anything other than our bloated and pretty much useless military. The Republicans’ intent has been to destroy the great social programs that work for all the people, and they are well on their way to succeeding.


  4. girl –

    Such vulgarity, properly applied politically, will get kudos from me. (Besides, I like it when women talk dirty.) 🙂 (Yeah, I know, sick bastard.)


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