Afghan Sovereignty Is New Fodder For State Department Comedians

The Taliban in Afghanistan have rejected a chance at peace talks with President Hamid Karzai’s government.

Karzai offered Sunday to provide security for Taliban leader Mullah Omar if he enters negotiations and said the United States and other Western nations could leave Afghanistan or oust him if they disagree.

The Taliban replied that they’re not going to talk while foreign troops operate in their country, and say they will continue the war against the foreigners and the Karzai government.

And the United States response to this attempt at a colloquy by the sovereign government of Afghanistan?

In Washington, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack questioned Karzai’s security guarantee.

“One can’t imagine the circumstances where you have the senior leadership of the Taliban – that there would be any safe passage with respect to US forces. Certainly, it’s hard to imagine those circumstances,” McCormack said.

Is it any wonder the Taliban smell blood in the water, weakness in Karzai, and will never trust foreigners? They see Karzai as a creature of Bush, Rice, and babblers like McCormack. In fact, Bush et al see Karzai the same way the Taliban do.

So much for democracy and sovereignty in that country. Or we could just say that another country has fallen to Bushiness.


3 Responses

  1. The strings are becoming much more visible.


  2. And the percussion section is becoming louder too.


  3. There is actually some break in ‘Media Control’ at times : resistance must be fierce against all attempts to break the American Dream. It is impossible to connect the dots without knowing the facts : which is why Media Control and more is the basis for our Matrix-style ‘news’.
    Get a load of “Charlie Wilson’s War”, a CIA triumph that turned to ashes.


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