U.S. Captures Another Key Insurgent To Feed To George Bush

The lead paragraph in an AP story in the Globe today reads:

Afghan and coalition forces captured an insurgent leader in eastern Afghanistan, and in a separate operation 10 militants were killed in a firefight, the US military said yesterday.

Translating this story into reality would produce:

The United States bombed another wedding party in Afghanistan yesterday, killing ten celebrants. Someplace else the United States caught a guy the military thinks it can get away with calling a ‘key insurgent leader’, thus making the military look like it’s accomplishing something.

Be that as it may, is anyone keeping track of all the so-called key insurgent leaders the United States has captured (and apparently tortured and brutalized and killed) since the country started its dumbass wars in the Islamic countries?

There have been a bunch, and it seems like these foreign devils conveniently manage to get themselves caught whenever George Bush’s and Dick Cheney’s egos need propping up so they can suck more money out of the people for their wars or when they need to shut down another civil liberty or arrange for one of their buddies in the corporate world to make a killing off the wars.

In any event, despite the capture of all those key leaders, those evil Muslim fanatics just keep on coming, don’t they? They just keep fighting, and keep getting better at it.

They’ve learned how to kill Americans no matter what the situation, and they’ve learned how to play Americans for money and weapons.

The United States has been reduced to helping terrorists slaughter civilians, in effect saying “Well, harumph, we had to kill the entire wedding party with a couple of bombs because someone told us there were some insurgents in that area and the insurgents want us to get out of their country. Sorry about the dead women and children. We’ll send you some money.”

Perhaps someone could explain the difference between a terrorist car bomb and an American high-tech bomb to the relatives of the dead kids? Oh, wait, no time for that… the relatives are getting their guns and going hunting for American troops.

Imagine that. Or imagine that the people in Washington running these travesties had any imagination or intellect to imagine such things. Never mind. They don’t. If something or someone disagrees with their blinkered view of reality (which, according to the psychos in the White House, they create) they just bomb the crap out of it and call it a terrorist. Or a key insurgent leader. No matter that it was four years old and attending its uncle’s wedding.


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  3. I seem to remember at the beginning of the wars on terruh that the Bush (mis)administration said, “We don’t do bodycounts.” Of course, as the operations went to hell, we started doing bodycounts. And the definition of an insurgent has changed: they are no longer the ones shooting at us, they are the dead ones. Of course, pointing out the hypocrisy and shifting goalposts and sheer absurdities of the Republican right would be enough to fill a blog with, oh, three or four posts a day.


  4. “Beginning of the wars on terruh”…or perhaps ‘of terror on Terra’
    I collected a bunch of stuff on my links page to highlight this stuff : nothing to compare with Global Research.ca, mind.
    Ready or not…perspective.
    ( Pakistan was once part of India : me no big chief has linked to another of his blogs where he posted on disputed border areas. Stuff from 60 years ago sounds like today’s stories. )
    exMI on Blogspot is a vet who is well aware of my sentiments : which are substantially different from his – and he’s served there and blogged extensively about his take on the situation. Recommended.
    I take questions BTW


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