Sixty-Four Percent Of Republicans Are Suicidal, Intend To Kill Themselves in 2012

Here’s the polling results showing the Republicans will attempt a mass, lemming-like suicide in 2012, and that conclusively demonstrates that as a group they have the intelligence of rodents but aren’t anywhere near as cute.


18 Responses

  1. I love the Republican reaction: We spent eight years running the country based on new conservative principles and got our collective asses handed to us by a black man with a funny sounding name and this means that we weren’t conservative enough. Go for it.


  2. No no no. He’s a white man with a black father.


  3. Here is something that everyone should see:

    Pass it on.


  4. He’s half white, with Irish blood. His last name was actually spelled O’Bama. He dropped the apostrophe to get the black vote.


  5. It sounds almost too good to be true.


  6. Heather –

    Yeah, I thought maybe I dreamed it, you know, like a wet dream, but about politics. (Jeez, I have no class at all.)


  7. Spanqi –

    But what about the Black Irish vote?


  8. He’s half white, with Irish blood. His last name was actually spelled O’Bama. He dropped the apostrophe to get the black vote.

    He also got himself born in Hawaii to get the exotic vote and christened with the middle name Hussein to get the Muslim vote. There is just no way that Caribou Barbie can compete against a guy who appeals to so many constituencies.


  9. As momma Biden would say, bless their hearts. 🙂


  10. It’s been 8 business days since the election. The GOP has 15 months easy to wake up to reality. I for one am not concerned with the thinking of 60+ % of anybody willing to be polled that quickly after the event.
    Palin is going NOWHERE. I have that on good authority from my last secret meeting in the GOP bunker.


  11. Ah, NOWHERE must be the name of her book publisher, with a deal rumored in the millions. But that’s okay. The right wingnuts will buy up copies by the thousands to make her sales look good (like they’ve done with other right-wing clunker lit), the books will rot in warehouses, and the wingnuts will be out all the money they had to spend making her look good. Sort of the clothes scandal reprised. 🙂


  12. I don’t put much faith in book sales of people like Palin. I’d counter that Bill C’s book was applauded due to it’s advance sales which were all about false orders. Books on a shelf,a discount bin or a warehouse are irrelevant. I only worry or care about the books in peoples hands.
    I promise here and now to smack the first person I see reading a Palin book. I realize that sounds terribly fascist but someone has to stop the madness.


  13. But if you start smacking people reading her book, you might whack one of us good guys who may be reading her in the spirit of ‘know your enemy’.

    And isn’t it ironic that someone who can’t put together a coherent sentence and who apparently doesn’t read newspapers or other things should get a multi-million dollar book deal? Makes one wonder if her readers can only be the ‘know thy enemy’ group and her intellectually stunted fans, who have never had a clue about what she’s really saying in the first place.


  14. Dammit ! The Lion is wise. Oh well since I can’t abide by asking people to have visible ID on them perhaps I can come up with a test question. I can ask the book holder/reader if they know “x”. If they fail –SMACK ! Take care Ric.


  15. It’s good to be the Wise Man of Liondom. (I wonder if it will get me any wimmens.)

    Just in case your search for evil Paliners takes you down this way, I’ll be the one wearing the badge that says ‘Flaming Liberal Progressive Atheist’. Don’t mind the shotgun.


  16. (I wonder if it will get me any wimmens.)

    Parentheses? Are you descending to my level? If you are using parentheses, should I start writing clearly and coherently?

    The good news: it will get you some wimmens. The bad news: they will be Palin thinkalikes.


  17. Well, parenthetically speaking…


  18. Ric,

    This is a must-see:


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