Republican Letter Writer Too Despicable For An Award

As much as The Lion loves to hand out awards that give him a godlike status in his own mind, there are some things that are so bad that no award can do justice.

A letter in today’s Globe fits that category.

The Lion doesn’t want to dirty up your monitors with the pitiful contents of the letter, but will just note that it predicts Obama will be the most hated president in history, suggests that Newt Gingrich and his Contract on America were apparently some sort of revelation from the heavens, and adds this:

Just because the Republicans foul things up does not mean we will be any better off with Democrats. I would rather have a war in Iraq than a low standard of living in America.

Yessir, let’s have thousands more dead Iraqi women and children so this boffo idiot can buy another iPod. Or maybe if we kill enough Afghanis he can buy a new plasma television. How many Syrians should we kill so he can get new tires for his car? Maybe if he goes over there and kills a few Pakistani women and children he can build up enough credits for a new car.

Let’s see now, why is it that this Republican administration is almost universally despised around the world, and at home?


5 Responses

  1. The comments are great as well. What I’ve been seeing a lot recently, and seen in those comments, is this pathetic ‘we’re going to hell because Obama and his liberals have no morals’ coupled with ‘John McCain is a man of integrity’. Change the wording here or there, perhaps sprinkle in “socialist”, add those character building years in Vietnam, maybe a dash of Ayers, and you get virtually every right wing comment of the last couple weeks at least.


  2. I would rather have a war in Iraq than a low standard of living in America.

    Uh, the standard of living in America has neither improved nor advanced since the war began. That means it’s declined, and the war in Iraq is probably connected to that decline.


  3. Maybe I should clarify: the standard of living in America has not improved for most Americans, you know, the average kind. The well-off, far-from-average Americans may have fared very well, but they share neither their wealth nor their standard of living with the rest of us.


  4. Exactly right, Chappy. The writer has gotten both from McCain/Bush – endless immoral wars AND a lower standard of living. So, maybe he really DOES want Obama. He just hasn’t thought out his position fully – which isn’t too surprising for a reactionary wingnut.

    I wonder if these people ever think – “I wonder why the most intelligent people in America are the ones I always think are the ‘anti-Americans'”? Fuck, even the brightest of the conservative movement have bailed out on John and, especially, Sarah.

    (Hat-tip to The Chaplain on the link!)


  5. You’re afraid to muck up my monitor with the rest of the letter, but you showed me that? I’m scared to look… but it’s like that scene in the movie, I know I’m gonna have to look… I can almost hear the jerk in the audience shouting “Don’t do it, you moron! Run!!”


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