McCain: Tax And Spend Liberals Will Eat Your Children

Johnny ‘I Haven’t Got A Clue’ McCain is pushing his latest slanders of Senator Obama by slathering on the word ‘liberal’ every time he mentions Obama. And of course he includes the Republican obligatory phrase ‘tax and spend’ in every other breath.

He conveniently fails to mention that the Republican philosophy, as practiced in the real world (something McCain is not at all familiar with), is to slash taxes, borrow to the hilt, and spend, spend, spend on useless things like moronic wars against techniques like terrorism, on bridges to nowhere, on turning loose the amoral pirates of capitalism who provide the Republican party with the bulk of their money. The result is an economy rapidly swirling the drain and a people living in fear that their home will be taken, a people knowing that their lives are one medical emergency away from living on the street, while the fat cat friends of McCain and Bush live high on the disaster they’ve created.

And Clueless John stands up there and says Obama is going to raise your taxes. He knows that’s a lie, but he keeps saying it anyway, proving he and his campaign are  just another thing that’s bankrupt in this country. He’s just pissed off because Obama is going to raise taxes only on Johnny’s wealthy friends, who have been getting a free ride on the backs of the working people and the middle class ever since the Republicans took over Congress in 1995.

At least the ‘liberals’ try to use American money for American programs that seek to lift the country and the people up, instead of using money borrowed from China to grind the people down. 


6 Responses

  1. Right on!


  2. There is just sooo much wrong with McCain’s position, and claims about Obama, when it comes to taxes.

    1. All taxation is a form of socialism. We tax people and businesses and then spend it on the greater good – police, fire, roads, bridges, power grids, Medicare, Social Security, armed forces. So if he wants to claim socialism, at least be honest. John, you hate things like Social Security and Medicare. Tell that to the American people!

    2. He relentlessly accuses Obama of wanting to “raise your taxes”. As Ric points out, Obama is doing no such thing. Unless the audience he is talking to is made up of millionaires and officers of major corporations. Anyone making under $200,000 a year would not only get a tax CUT, but a better one than McCain’s “plan” (expanding what Bush hath wrought upon America).

    3. The Bush/McCain/Conservative “plan” has ruined us. If Obama is just another typical “tax and spend” liberal, then I guess we can only hope that he is in the same model as Bill Clinton, who left Bush a budget surplus which he not only squandered but made into the greatest deficit in the history of the planet. McCain’s “plan” hasn’t worked, in fact has been an abject failure (for all but the most wealthy) and it is time to turn to those “liberals” to save us from this national cluster-fuck.


  3. Can’t eat the kids due to trans fats but the liberals are working on that.
    On a serious note I want to say I like the closing of the post. I don’t fully agree with it word for word but think it’s good. Perhaps it is something all sides can embrace.


  4. You’re kidding!? Kids got transfats? Dammit, now I’ve got to change my diet.


  5. Kittens are low in trans fat, high in protein. I hear they taste like chicken.


  6. May fur grow on your tongue, evil one!


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