Grumpy Lion Bombarded By Neocon Clowns… Clones

The Lion’s stats spiked yesterday and today due to WordPress’s automatically generated ‘Possibly related posts’ feature over at the Fox News blog.

For some amazingly shallow neoconnity go there and then come back to The Lion’s earlier comment on Joe Biden and browse the latest comments.

The Lion supposes it’s nice to garner the numbers of hits, but really, some intelligence would have been better. The Lion has to wonder if any of the clones actually read the Fox article, or if they did, how they missed what it actually said. They appear to think that somehow the world is going to give Johnny Bomb Bomb McCain a pass and not test him with some crisis. In fact, The Lion feels pretty certain Bin Laden and his ilk would be very happy to have little Johnny ‘The Bomber’ McCain in the Oval Office. He’ll carry their water, just like George Bush and the neocons have done ever since September 11, 2001.

And if McBush wins the election and some regime or organization creates a crisis to test him, it’s practically guaranteed that he’ll pass it just like any other military dud who barely graduated at the bottom of his academy class and has a tenuous understanding of the world’s political, diplomatic, and military realities, and operates with gutter ethics and from an irrational, shoot-from-the-hip thoughtless paranoia.


7 Responses

  1. Congratulations on the traffic. Congratulations on surviving the traffic. Absolutely amazing the display of cognitive dissonance for all to see within the comments on your Biden post.

    Scary. Good thing they can’t physically find you. The verbal abuse is interesting, but I worry about the safety of outspoken progressives.


  2. ()-

    I’m having some witches and wizards over to cast protective spells around the house. Twelve gauge and nine mm variety.


  3. In fact, The Lion feels pretty certain Bin Laden and his ilk would be very happy to have little Johnny ‘The Bomber’ McCain in the Oval Office.

    I have a strange feeling you’re right about this. First, they know it will probably be easier to provoke him into behaving foolishly. Second, his foolishness will probably lead to further isolation of the USA from its allies.


  4. chappie –

    Of course I’m right! You dare question The Lion, you mere mortal!?!?!

    But given bin Laden’s goals, which essentially comprise bringing down the United States, who would he rather have in office? Someone ignorant of the details of world affairs, someone lacking intellectual curiosity, someone who shoots from the hip with little forethought, someone who treats those who disagree as enemies? In short George Bush, Dick Cheney, and John McCain and Sarah Palin. The Bush outfit has done bin Laden’s heavy lifting in destroying this country. All he’s had to do for years is toss out an occasional video to show he’s still around and to throw the Republicans into a tizzy of paranoia that leads them to enact further measures that strip the U.S. of the things that make it strong – the guarantees in the Constitution of civil liberty and separation of powers. Bush and the McCainites just go along with bin Laden’s plans because they have the intellects of teaspoons.


  5. What did your teaspoons ever do to you to warrant such an execrable insult?


  6. We seem to be on similar wavelengths theses days, Ric. I can’t imagine why anyone who fears bin Laden thinks it’sd a good idea to vote for McCain – or for that matter, Bush in 2004. It’s downright counter intuitive.

    It’s about as reasonable as thinking that Al Queda (you remember Al?) will try and hijack another plane for a suicide mission. What happened on Flight 93 ensures that the passengers of any flight will not allow it to happen again, yet we have built up the homeland security fear apparatus on the assumption that they will.

    Shear idiocy.


  7. chappie –

    You’d be surprised how mean-spirited teaspoons can be.

    spanqi –

    All we really had to do was lock up the pilot’s cabin doors, beef up airport security, listen to the guys who knew what terrorism was about, and cooperate with intelligence and police forces around the world. We would have saved ourselves and the world a world of pain. And probably had bin Laden in a cage three or four years ago.


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