Senator Ted Stevens, Alaskan Reprobate, On Trial For Corruption, Knows Nothing

Grumpy old Senator from Alaska

Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens took the stand yesterday to begin to defend himself against charges that he did nothing wrong. Or at least that’s how his mind would twist it. The official charges are that he failed to report that he received a whole lotta house for free from a contractor in Alaska.

Be that as it may, a more interesting bit of testimony came up when his wife, a well-known Washington lawyer, took the stand (The Lion wonders how she became well-known… perhaps because of her legal skills and acumen… of course it couldn’t be that her hubby is a scary, if ignorant [Internet tubes], Senator…).

According to a New York Times News Service story carried in today’s Globe:

Asked about some of the undisclosed gifts the family had received, she said they were unwanted. The grill was dangerous and scared her, she testified. The furniture provided in the house by Allen was tasteless, she asserted. She said she never knew that Bill Allen or Veco contributed heavily to the remodeling; she believed the general contractor was a man named Augie Paone, whose bills she paid.

A basic principle of law is that tastelessness doesn’t negate the law. Maybe she missed that day in law school?

And then there’s the little bit about using the Senator’s staff aides to manage her personal accounts at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman-Marcus and other such bargain basements.

Doesn’t it warm your heart to see a couple obviously made for each other?

The Senator goes back on the stand today for some more puffball questions from his lawyers before undergoing cross-examination by the prosecution. Tomorrow’s headline may read ‘Grumpy Old Man Goes Ballistic At Corruption Trial’.


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