Germ Warfare Labs Open To The Public. Sorry About That, Folks.

Today’s Globe carries an AP story on the pathetic lack of security at germ warfare labs in Texas and Georgia.

These labs work with the deadliest micro-organisms known, including those without cures – Ebola, marburg, lassa.

In Texas, the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research has an outside window that looks directly into the room where the deadly germs are handled. The lab, which is privately run, also lacks sufficient security cameras, intrusion detection alarms or visible armed guards at its public entrances, the report said.

The other lab described as having insufficient security is operated by Georgia State University in Atlanta. That lab lacked complete security barriers and any integrated security system, including any live monitoring by security cameras. During their review, investigators said they watched an unidentified pedestrian enter the building through an unguarded loading dock.

Of course officials at both facilities insist that they will now take steps to insure security. And mentioned nary a word about the incompetence they displayed in allowing the security failures in the first place.

There, now don’t you feel safer? Especially knowing that George W. Bush’s army has been killing Iraqi, Afghani, and Pakistani women and children six thousand miles away so you can feel all comfy and secure here at home.

Let’s not fool ourselves any more that the Republicans have a clue about governing or about security or about anything other than how to win elections and corrupt a government and bankrupt a country.

3 Responses

  1. Thanks. I feel much safer now.


  2. chappie –

    You know me, always glad to make my fans feel wonderful.


  3. Ric: Just our government out to prove that government run activities are always bad. Including government-sponsored education. Or government-sponsored research. Just part of the new conservative (well, new for the last 30 years) idea that ‘government is bad, put us in charge and we will prove it.’

    Not that I’m cynical or anything. Not even grumpy. Just peeved.


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