The Lion Grievously Injured Smiling; Posts New Award To A Human

In a stunning start to his day, The Lion met a flesh-and-blood reader this morning, a Starbuckian, in the Starbucks where The Lion buys his vastly overpriced Boston Globe every day.

Innocently grumping his way across the parking lot, The Lion had no idea that he would intersect with the real world a moment later, resulting in a serious injury to his face.

The young woman, wearing the Starbucks green apron and a wonderful smile, and with whom The Lion had a brief conversation some time ago, volunteered that she had read Grumpy Lion and that she liked it.

She is an intelligent young woman, literate, a writer, a graduate of a journalism school (the University of Arkansas, if The Lion recalls correctly).

That’s when The Lion was injured.

The Lion smiled. Couldn’t stop smiling. Felled by modest praise, his grumpishness banished, his face injured by an unaccustomed smile, The Lion slunk back across the parking lot, through the fence, and went into hiding in his den.

There he nursed deep thoughts, along the lines of “If I were younger, if I were a lot younger, I’d flirt with her. I’d even read her writing and comment on it.”

The Lion expects to recover his senses in a day or two, and once again assert his grumpish self. But while still in an interesting state of derangement, The Lion is giving out a new award, a one-time award, the first and last, ever.

It is the First Real Reader Award, With Golden Claws and Silver Snarls, awarded to the young woman from Starbucks, the first flesh-and-blood reader of Grumpy Lion that The Lion has ever met. (The Lion considered including a free dinner at a cheap restaurant, but thought that might be tainting the award with commercialism.)

Congratulations, young Starbuckian! (Sometime you have to tell The Lion your name, so that he can have it engraved on your award.)

Quite a nice start to the day, but of course The Lion would be loathe for news of his human failings (smiling, flirting with being flirty, feeling good)  to get out and spoil his reputation, so let’s keep this quiet, shall we?

Now if only The Lion could remember where he left his Grump pills…

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2 Responses

  1. Just remember what your Sunday School teacher told you way back when, “You’d feel awful if your face froze with that expression on it!” You’d better be careful -you might end up with a permanent disfigurement in the shape of smile.


  2. A fate worse than being clawed to death in the arena!


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