Stupid Republican Letter Of The Week

From today’s Globe we have the following letter from a gentleman in Stoughton:

AM I the only one who sees that the market’s plunge has a direct correlation to Barack Obama’s increase in poll numbers? The more certain it looks as if Obama will win the election, the more the market drops. The good news is all the elite liberals are getting what they want: income redistribution, or, more correctly, a devastating drop in their net worth. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

Of course, as Obama’s numbers reached their highest point yet yesterday, the market jumped up 936 points.

As for income redistribution, perhaps the gentleman missed the income redistribution created by the Republicans under George W. Bush, in which the rich got a hell of a lot richer because of huge tax breaks handed to them by Republicans while everybody else suffered in a failing economy.

Are Republicans born this stupid or do they have go to special schools to learn how to be this stupid? (Private schools, of course, since they’re doing their best to destroy the public education system in the United States.)


4 Responses

  1. Am I the only one who sees the market’s plunge has a direct correlation to the Phillies growing closer to the World Series? When a Philadelphia baseball team succeeds, the economy tanks. They must be stopped!


  2. No, no! It’s the Red Sox failing fortunes that caused the market aberrations. It’s always the Red Sox.

    Or wait… the Patriots lost Sunday and the market recovered Monday, so the aberrations are the Patriots’ fault.

    No, here’s the latest news from the Weather Channel. Cooling temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere caused the stock market aberrations.

    Oh, damn, I’m so confused…


  3. I can’t believe the Globe published such an asinine letter. I thought it was supposed to be a reputable paper? My theory is that they published it because

    a) it was an extremely slow news day, or
    b) an editorial prank.


  4. chappie –

    It’s not the first time the Globe has published letters demonstrating the sheer dumbassedness of someone. They also publish intelligent letters. I suspect their policy is to provide a reasonable sample of the range of opinion, but sometimes you gotta wonder just how far they want to carry such a policy.


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