McCain Sinks Deeper Into The Slime Of His Own Mind

McCain has neither shame nor honor nor decency and absolutely no regard for facts or truth. 


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4 Responses

  1. Count the eyeblinks. In psychology class (yes, I had class, but that was long ago), we were taught that a lying person will blink three to five times as often as a person telling the truth. I’ve seen strobe lights with fewer blinks per second than McCain in that clip.


  2. I think your title is slightly off. McCain no longer has a mind; it has dissolved into slime.


  3. On second thought (which implies I had a first one), the fact that his eyes are strobing means that he realizes that he is lying. I guess that’s a start, right?


  4. () –

    Perhaps after the election McCain can get a job as a strobe light at Conservative sex parties…

    chappie –

    Dissolved into its essentialness perhaps?


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