American General In Iraq Not A Bright Boy

General Ray Odierno, in a story in the Washington Post, accuses Iran of interfering in the United States’ attempt to push an agreement on Iraq that would let U.S. military forces continue to occupy and rape Iraq after the United Nations agreement expires at the end of December.

He offers no proof of his charges.

And, utterly unaware of the irony, he remarks:

“I truly believe that Iraqis are nationalists,” he said. “They want to choose on their own what’s best for their country, and they don’t want somebody else to decide what’s in their best interest.”

So, Ray, what the hell are you doing there with the Bush Brigades? Teaching the Iraqis how to play Bingo?

And isn’t it interesting that the General starts making these charges three weeks before the Presidential election in the United States? Not trying to bail out the Republicans, are you, Ray? Not playing politics with American and Iraqi lives, with American taxpayers’ money, are you, Ray?

Another American general down the sleaze chute of Republican politics.

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