Christians In Oregon Lynch Senator Obama. How Quaint! How American!

The AP had a piece in the Globe today about an effigy of Senator Obama being hung from a tree on the campus of a Christian university. The story follows:

Effigy of Obama found hanging from campus tree

NEWBERG, Ore. – Officials of a small Christian university say a life-size cardboard effigy of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was found hanging from a tree on the campus.

George Fox University’s president, Robin Baker, said a custodian discovered the effigy early Tuesday and removed it.

“We will not tolerate such displays and condemn it in the strongest terms,” he said.

Administrators at the university, founded by Quaker pioneers in 1891, said yesterday that they do not know who hung the effigy, and that few people saw it or were aware of it. Taped to the cardboard cutout of the senator from Illinois was a message targeting participants in Act Six, a scholarship program geared toward increasing the number of minority and low-income students at several Christian colleges, mostly in the Northwest.

The Christian community will of course say that this is an aberration, preferring not to recall that the thousands of lynchings of blacks carried out in the United States were also done by good ol’ Christians.

And The Lion supposes that the nooses on doors and trees and other places over the last year or so were put there by… who? Macaca Muslims? Wacky Wiccans? Heinous Hindus?

And let’s not forget that that great Christian organization, the Ku Klux Klan, is no more than a major financial crisis away. Or less. Or actually, any excuse will do for the gutless white wonders of Kristianity.



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