Sarah Palin At The United Nations: That Really Is Lipstick On A Pig

Little Sarah got to meet with the big boys today at the UN, meeting various heads of state. Apparently the McCain campaign’s scam is now to claim she has experience in foreign affairs because she sat down to tea and crumpets with the fellows.


Her ignorance is the pig and McCain’s handlers just smeared lipstick on it.

How stupid is anyone who falls for this bullshit? Aside from Republicans, that is. We already know how brain dead they are.


7 Responses

  1. how many leaders has Obama met. How many did Clinton meet as governor or Reagan or Carter? And they were running for president! You’re an idiot. You just hate. Palin has more real experience than than the empty suit, no clue Obama. She’s also done more in one day than you have your whole life. What a loser. Good luck with your little blog.


  2. ric,

    i don’t know: given that she is one of two people on earth who stands a chance of being the next vice president of our country, is her appearance at the u.n. truly unreasonable? does it really warrant such venom?


  3. Finally! The press is on the attack. McCain better let her face the media soon or they are going to skewer her. They might anyway (probably will since she’s incompetent for the job at hand) but they have no choice. Even Fox News was in revolt today over the fact that McCain shielded her meetings from public view. I give it until the weekend and if she’s not totally accessible by then, they’ll drag her lipstick stained ass through the mud – as she deserves. This is too important to the American people for the McCain campaign to play hide and seek with their candidate.


  4. jeff –

    Actually, Obama has some twenty years experience in local, state, and federal government, and likely has more brainpower in his little finger than you have in your entire body. But that’s getting too close to reality for you, I’m sure.

    And of course you have no clue what I have done in my life, so comparing me to Palin is pointless. It does however demonstrate that you act without knowledge or evidence, which pretty much makes everything you say unreliable. Which is the usual state of affairs for Pavlovians like you.

    Try not to drool on your keyboard when you write your useless little comments.


  5. sk –

    Her appearance at the U.N. is nothing more than a photo op and a public relations stunt. It not only does not give her any credibility on the international stage, it underlines the argument that she has no experience in foreign affairs, and it shows that the McCain campaign thinks we’re fools who will suddenly decide she’s legitimate because she got a little sitdown with the boys. I do wonder if she gave Hamid Karzai a signed 8 x 10 glossy of herself.


  6. evo –

    Didja notice McCain has been hiding from the press too, until yesterday? Just what we need, more pathological Bush-Cheney secrecy to go along with the serial lies and naked hypocrisies.


  7. ric,

    okay: agreed: her appearance was nothing but a photo op; and while it’s only marginally relevent, i’d submit that most appearances at the u.n. are propaganda.

    i’d still say that your assessment is out of proportion. her appearance at the u.n. is in the same order of every other disingenuous appearance politicians make during any campaign. this event will help her feign experience in exactly the same manner that obama’s appearance at a diner will help him feign that he hasn’t forgotten main street america. they’re both poor political special effects, but are by no stretch novel. it is how campaigns are run in america.

    mccain has been missing, but, so, too, has obama, especially insofar as the wall street melt is concerned. they both made some diluted pledge yesterday, but neither of them is a hurry to get back to washington and take a position, fearing that doing so might expose them before the election. as usual, our fearless future leaders will wait until a popularist ‘solution’ has been reached before taking a stand. nope, as you might say, mccain’t ain’t there, and neither is nobama.

    they’re back at the studio, planning photos.


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