The Economic Plan Of Senator Bernie Sanders. Omigod, Somebody’s Making Sense.

Senator Bernie Sanders, not known for cozying up to the rich bastards and right-wingers and McCainites who have put the country at risk, has a plan. Take a quick look at it over at Common Dreams.

The Lion has a plan too. Instead of using a trillion dollars to bail out the fat cat’s fat asses, let’s take the same money and start rebuilding the country’s failing infrastructure, creating mass transit across the country, financing alternative energy companies, and improving our education system. That path creates millions of jobs, creates a strong economy that builds things instead of relying on shyster financiers who create nothing, who build nothing, who do nothing but move paper around and skim percentages for themselves.

As for the current crop of CEOs that George Bush and his rich friends want to bail out, fuck them. Let them rot on the vine. We’ve got better uses for our money than bailing them out of the consequences of their psychopathic greed.


2 Responses

  1. Yeah, that sounds pretty good. As for Bernie – he’s one guy who nearly always makes sense. But he’s the only socialist in Congress.


  2. Where did I hear that it only takes one socialist apple to turn the whole barrel?


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