Johnny Bomb Bomb McCain Uses Dead Soldier To Cadge Votes

McCain’s got no class, none at all.

There’s a YouTube video here of him walking on the bones of the dead to get to the White House. Watch it if you can stand the little hypocritical piece of sleaze.

He’s waving around a dead man’s dog tags to garner votes.

This is the guy who wants the United States to stay at war for a hundred years or so, and who couldn’t tell you what the war was about or who or why, or even where, and he’s waving a dead sergeant’s dog tags to make political points.

If he had any class he’d have thanked the soldier’s mother for them, put them in his pocket and never mentioned them in public.

A new low, even for McCain, who’s been sucking up sewer water for months and spitting it all over the electorate.


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