A Clawdie Award For Kelly

Today’s Clawdie Award goes to a letter in today’s Globe from a person in Lynn who has one of those unsexed names that make it hell to figure out pronouns, but who is spot on in hir prescription for the economic crisis.

RE “A plan to stop the bleeding” (Page A1, Sept. 19): I do understand that as part of the so-called big picture, the taxpayers must continue to bail out the failing financial institutions. But I think we should add a few stipulations to the bailout. When the federal government is asked to step in, the chief executive, chief financial officer, company president, and anyone making more than $5 million a year should see their compensation trimmed to, say, $60,000 a year. They should also surrender their mansions in the Hamptons and the 22-room apartment in Manhattan. The properties should be turned into shelters for families displaced as a result of the mortgage crisis.



Congratulations, Kelly, whatever you are! This award and a couple of bucks will get you your Clawdie Award Coffee at your local Starbucks.

(While The Lion agrees with Kelly’s idea, he’s not so kind. He would reduce the perpetrators and their families to complete destitution and impose a lifetime ban on any of them ever working in any aspect of the financial industry ever again. They should also have to wear silly hats whenever they go out in public.)


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