Bail, Bail, Bail Your Boat…

So the financial bigwigs got greedy, assumed that their ethics had been deregulated by all those Republican and Conservative politicians they bought, and now, when their ass is being handed to them by the free market so beloved by those same Republicans, want the government to bail them out, save their mansions, protect their fancy cars?

Oh, sure, okay. Here’s the deal.

The United States government, no, make that the Bush Administration of the United States Government, which is different from the government of, by, and for the people, wants to take the people’s money, hundreds of billions of dollars of it, to buy worthless securities from these companies that have gamed the system and with this deal continue to game it. Apparently the Bush Government will have to borrow the money, or maybe they’ll just print some, both options which will, of course, be really really good for the economy.

The Government will hold onto these worthless securities until the market ‘stabilizes’ and they can then sell them.

We know the securities and other items involved in this crime are worthless, because if they were worth anything there wouldn’t be a problem.

Let’s simplify.

You own a hamburger palace. Monday morning you come to work and discover that all your hamburgers and all your condiments are contaminated with hepatitis. Woe is you for you shall be bankrupt.

But your Uncle Sammy, out of the goodness of his heart, decides to borrow a lot of money to buy all your diseased stock, thinking perhaps he can sell it next week to some unsuspecting third world country, perhaps, where some fools have never heard of hepatitis.

So you get to keep your business as though nothing has happened, and Uncle Sammy goes deeper into debt, so deep that the only thing he can see now is the ceiling above the toilet as his company and life swirl down the pipe.

Bottom line – the taxpayer is being screwed again by the big boys and their Republican friends and Democratic enablers, all the result of Republican idiot ideology that took away the regulations and the rules and the systems that kept the greedy bastards from screwing you before.

And John McCain, who took money from Francis Keating to queer the regulatory investigation into the savings and loan scandal, who has the principles and ethics of a Wall Street shark, was one of the biggest deregulators in Washington, along with his friend and close economic adviser, Phil Gramm, who brought Enron to the grandmothers of California.

There is one sure thing in all of this, and that’s that the people who built this mess, the politicians, the brokers, the hedge fund billionaires, the financial ‘geniuses’, none of them will pay a price. They won’t lose their homes, their cars, their jobs. They won’t be charged with crimes, they won’t do time. They’ll just move on to the next scam, buoyed with the knowledge that their friends in Washington will probably bail them out again. And again. And again. That’s how the Republican free market works. That’s the Republican way.


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