‘Support The Troops’? Not This Fellow. Good For Him!

Steve Almond, author of an essay collection, has an interesting column in the Globe today on the fallacies of ‘supporting the troops’ as popularly conceived.

Well worth a look.


One Response

  1. While most of the knee-jerk comments call him a coward, I’d say that right or wrong it takes some cojones to openly express such a deeply unpopular sentiment.

    I don’t think I’d go quite as far as he did, but I must admit the excessive lionizing (excuse the expression!) of the military does get rather wearing. It’s a respectable profession but no more so than being a firefighter, say, and let’s not pretend that all or even most troops are motivated only by iron-jawed patriotism.

    Oh, full disclosure: I’m a veteran and the son of a veteran.


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