Bolivia crumbling. U.S. responsible?

Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, a populist leader, is trying to hold his country together in the face of growing violence and opposition from the moneyed provinces, as reported by the AP in today’s Globe.

Morales accused the United States of fomenting, aiding and abetting, and inciting the violence. Given the United States’ brutal history in South America, he’s making a reasonable assumption.

The U.S. Ambassador, Philip Goldberg, whom Morales has kicked out, denied having a hand in the opposition and the violence.

“I would like to say that all the accusations made against me, against the embassy and against my nation are completely false and unjustified,” he told reporters. “I have nothing to say to those who misinterpreted my actions.”

Sounds like an admission of guilt.

Goldberg is a representative of the Bush administration, comprising liars, cheats, and psychopaths, the same administration that a couple of years ago fomented a coup in Venezuela against Hugo Chavez, and which is in the same line of arrogant killers (Henry Kissinger et al) who overthrew the freely elected government of Allende in Chile and got thousands of Chileans killed.

Goldberg can protest all he wants. He has no credibility to work with. The McBush government prefers violence and bloodshed as the primary tool of its so-called diplomacy against weak third-world countries. There’s no reason to think they are applying a different set of tools in Bolivia.

Democrats cave on offshore drilling…

The Democrats have caved in (standard operating procedure) on the issue of offshore drilling. The Republican wingnuts win again, and nobody can bear to point out the flaws in the ointment they use for their brains.

The problem is not that the United States depends on foreign oil. The problem is not energy independence.

The problem is that the more oil and gas we bring out of the ground and put into the atmosphere, the closer we drive the planet’s biosphere (that’s us, too) to extinction.

There’s no mystery here. There’s no legitimate debate. The laws of physics and biology apply, and they are ruthless and they will not bargain, they will not compromise, and they do not care. Keep pumping greenhouse gasses into the biosphere and most or all life will die. It’s already begun.

But the assholes the Americans put into office still think they can talk their way out of it. And the assholes who put them into office are poised to put into the White House two people who will accelerate the process of killing us all, McCain and Palin.

McCain loves NASCAR…

Liar and hypocrite John McCain visited a NASCAR race in Loudon, NH yesterday, where he was apparently warmly welcomed by hordes of the rabid who have breathed far too many fumes.

Makes sense. Watching cars go round and round and round in circles for two or three hours pretty much sums up McCain.

Same lies over and over. Same refusal to actually think about anything, just go round and round and round with the same old crap. And at the end stick a good looking broad up there on the platform and declare victory.

Margaret Spellings passes out the propaganda…

Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, a Bush propagandist, claims ‘We’ve turned the tide’ in the No Child Left Behind sea of bullshit.

Yes, we have, Margie. We now have more kids now who have been taught to become capable test takers. They don’t know much. They can’t spell any better. They certainly can’t write any better. They are outperformed by most students from other countries in science and math. But boy can they take those standardized tests!

Spellings blows smoke out of her ass in a whole column on page A10.

On page A2 is a little blurb from the AP mentioning a new study that found that one-third of American college students “have not been adequately prepared in high school and have to enroll in remedial classes.”

GOP: Sick people must suffer and die – it’s in our platform…

There’s a good op-ed piece in the Globe on the Republican Party Platform’s virulent and absolute, if subtly expressed, opposition to stem cell research.

The sick whackogelicals are still running the Republican Party. And of course they’re bringing us Sarah Palin, whose healthcare motto might well be ‘Hey, if you can’t stand the disease, die.’


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  1. […] Here is the original: Quickies […]


  2. Allow me the privilege of tying all of your tidbits together.

    Yes, we have, Margie. We now have more kids now who have been taught to become capable test takers. They don’t know much. They can’t spell any better. They certainly can’t write any better. They are outperformed by most students from other countries in science and math. But boy can they take those standardized tests!

    Americans are the least intelligent people living in any modern, technologically advanced, democracy. The 2nd election of Bush proved it and what’s going on now with Obama behind to McPalin puts the official seal on it.

    We don’t have an election coming up on November 4th. We have the finals of Ultimate American Idol.

    You and I have every right to be depressed.


  3. Yes, but I’ve found the solution. DHEA, 5-HTP, and Xanax, with a good multivitamin pill, and exercise. I would probably feel even better if I could get laid, but I’m not greedy.

    [To the Feebs and the DHS dweebs, this is of course code for a dastardly plot to tunnel, Fawkes-like, under the White House, the Congress, and the Supreme Court, and blow them all to hell in order to relieve our national depression. If you guys would like to be part of the plot, instead of just robotic functionaries doing the bidding of a psychotic Republican administration, please send fifty dollars and a cereal boxtop, any boxtop, by return post. You will receive in return a faux Fawkes mask, a faux letter absolving you of responsibility, and a faux commendation for bureaucratic incompetence, highly prized in the Bush faux administration.]

    There, I feel better just thinking about it. Rather get laid, though. Saves the trouble of rounding up explosives and suchlike.


  4. The Lion has returned, no doubt about it. And how else would I get my weekly Boston Globe updates?


  5. Well, you could go to the Boston Globe website, but they don’t have the same panache as The Lion.


  6. Ric,

    I read your posts here and there. I don’t know what you do for a living, as you seldom talk about your work; neither do I know much about you insofar as a family or as friends go, for they aren’t included in your writing either. I only mention this because I would like to know where or by whom this, I don’t know, philosophy, or perspective, is tested–is affirmed. I don’t how best to put it except to say that it often doesn’t provide for humanity–doesn’t allow for the fact that on most days most people’s lives fall far short of any truth or beauty. None of this is meant to be insulting; I’m just curious.


  7. Ric works in the Atheosphere and I’m one of his few friends. But with friends like us, who needs sheeple?


  8. evo –

    Eloquent, most eloquent.

    sk –

    My work is nobody’s business. Neither are my family or friends. Of course now that Evo has outed himself as a friend… If you must know, I’m a freelance assassin, working for the Devil to rid the world of fundogelicals, whackogelicals, and Republicans. In fact, this weekend I’m doing a Fawkesian event at the Vatican, during which you can watch Johnny Rats fly higher than any Pope in history, without an airplane. The weekend after that I’m coordinating a public event in a famous New York museum in which Truth and Beauty will be ripped to shreds by angry mobs of Republicans and NeoCons, who will then be forced to drink GWB Kool-Aid and die. T and B will be replaced in the metaphysical pantheon by a Simpson cartoon and one of Britney Spears’ breasts. It will be up to the viewer to decide which is which.

    Now don’t bother me, sonny. I’ve got to finish re-reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. My keepers will be quizzing me on it later.


  9. Gee whiz, Ric, I was going to out myself as friend #2 until you gave away the plans for the Great Vatican Flyover and the Museum Massacre. Now, I’ll have to exorcise you.


  10. Chappie –

    Those plans were just feints to mislead the agents of darkness. I’ll send you the real plans via anonymous encrypted passenger pigeon. But here’s a little teaser – T and B are still at risk.

    And thanks for the offer, but my keepers exorcised me this morning. I do feel better, but they are quite confused.


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