And Palin Whines, Too. She’s Very Good At It.

Sarah Palin made a call this week to the Rev. Rick Warren, a guy who makes a lot of money pimping his religious books to the gullible and who hosted a shabby ‘faith’ forum last month for Senators McCain and Obama, for which McCain apparently got the questions before his appearance, while Obama had to make do with honesty.

From today’s Globe:

“Well actually she called me yesterday,” Warren said. “The question I asked her was, ‘How can I pray for you?’ ”

Warren said that Palin then “asked me to send her some bible verses on how do you deal with the unfair, unjust attacks and the mean-spirited criticism that comes in.”

This from the woman not only manifestly unqualified to lead the country, but who has done her fair share of heavy lifting in spreading unfair, unjust, and mean-spirited attacks on Senator Obama. 

So let’s see, she’s a liar, she’s a hypocrite, she’s ignorant, she’s arrogant, and she’s a whiner. Definitely a good choice for the Republican Party. She perfectly exemplifies the Republican way.


9 Responses

  1. She sounds like the 2 Kings 2:23-24 type, calling a curse down from her god so that her critics get mauled by bears.

    If she gets in office and one of those ‘women are 3rd class citizens’ nations disparage her, will she be making public pleas to Warren to give her prayers to help cope with those mean bullies? Yeah, that’ll go over well. Beware if she makes any references to nukes as “she-bears”.


  2. A Republican tells a lie about a Democrat: Oh, that’s just normal politics, all politicians do it, it is part of the campaign.

    A Democrat tells the truth about a Republican: Oh, how horrible, that’s mean attack, uncalled for, they are bullies, how cruel these unust attacks are.

    The media: Well, lets look at both sides as if they are equivalent.

    Crap. I just made a comment which could have been a whole post over at my place. D’oh!


  3. Philly –

    She probably likes exploding bears, especially if she can explode them from an airplane with her NRA-approved hunting assault rifle.


  4. () –

    Hey, go ahead, make a post. I won’t tell anybody about this little doh.


  5. Hmm.

    Not for anything, Ric, but might you perhaps elaborate on what qualifies Obama to lead the country?

    Even a visit to his webiste–once you decline to donate to hurrican Ike relief (a nice touch) or purchase a car magnet–does little to answer the question. He makes some promises, no doubt, and some of the most eloquent promises the country has heard in at least a decade.
    But, so what?


  6. sk –

    That would be like getting into one of those endless arguments about religion and god. Not going there.

    If you don’t like his policies, don’t support him. If you can’t find his policies, buy a book on doing research.

    All we’ve got is what these guys say they plan to do and what we can determine of their character. We can sort through what’s out there and use whatever character-reading skills we have and then pick one.

    My read is that McCain and Palin, and the Republican party, are ethically and morally corrupt, that what they propose for the country is dangerous, that they will gladly lie their way into office if that’s what it takes. My hope is that McCain will go down in flames and take the Republican party with him.

    You may have a different opinion. I don’t really care. If you want to engage in argument, go someplace else. I’m doing personal propaganda for my own satisfaction.


  7. Ric,

    But you have already gone there, haven’t you?

    And of course his policies are accessible, as are all politicians’. As I said, they’ll say anything. As you’ll recall, Hillary herself dismissed him as unqualified less than a year ago in her bid for the nomination. Now she claims he’s ready to lead. Which is it? Which truth are we to believe?

    A path that is dangerous? I don’t recall a time when a safe path for any country existed, let alone one that is as heavily involved in the contest as we presently are. While our younger, myopic and historically insulated generations might believe that the choice is always, always between good and bad, and that their way of life will be preserved by favorable international opinion, the wisest voices of the teach us to be wary of complacency.


  8. sk:

    As you’ll recall, Hillary herself dismissed him as unqualified less than a year ago in her bid for the nomination. Now she claims he’s ready to lead. Which is it? Which truth are we to believe?
    I don’t defer to Hillary Clinton as an authority on anything. Do you?

    … the wisest voices of the teach us to be wary of complacency.
    You’re making a pretty big leap of faith here. Are you suggesting that Obama is complacent? Do you have any evidence for that, or are you just pulling it out of your ass?

    … they’ll say anything …
    True for all politicians. So if you’re uncomfortable judging them by their words, how do you judge them? By their votes in Congress? By their actual, unspun deeds? By how often they get caught in out-and-out lies? By evidence of whether or not they have sufficient intellect to make reasonable decisions? Judging from the huge amount of lies that Sarah Palin has already told in her very short time under public scrutiny, and judging by her obvious ignorance (just watch how like an inadequately trained dog she is responding to Charlie Gibson’s questions), would you rate Sarah Palin as someone who’s qualified to lead this country? If so, on what criteria, exactly, do you base your opinion?


  9. exterminator,

    No, I don’t defer to Hillary as an authority on anything. I’m simply illustrating the point that politicians will adopt whatever position is most expedient. If Obama feels it will benefit him to support the efforts in Iraq, he’ll be a supporter; if the findings are that he’d gain more by taking a less committed stance on Iraq, he’ll spin a policy that that’ll appeal to that reality.

    The votes, the “out-and-out lies,” do nothing for me other than reinforce the simple fact that they’re are as limited in their yearnings as any other human being–that they’ll be wrong more than they’ll be right, and that they’ll say whatever has to be said to increase their advantages. So what. Neither zip codes or time has had much affect on human failings; get used to them.

    I don’t judge them. They’re fiction. There are a few ideas that I still believe in, I suppose, any my vote is little more than than the re-confirmation of those ideas. I’ve lived through presidencies that have been defined as good, bad, and indifferent, and apart from the colors of their scandals and lies, each has very little direct impact on my life. One takes my money for the service or the rich, and another takes my money for the service of the poor. They all increase the price of postage and they all lie. They all stumble.

    I ask people older than myself all the time if a good president is any longer possible–if the presidents we esteem as the standard of the office would have held up if they had to lead today’s brand of an American under today’s brand of scrutiny. It’s unrealistic. What do Charlie Gibson’s questions matter? So what? Were someone to knock at my door and ask me one question a day about a subject I absolutely love, he would have enough stupid answers at the end of a year to dismiss me as unfit to live. Is that not true of somebody else?

    Neither do I overly invest in the idea of someone “leading this country.” Since before the Declaration of Independence, money has lead this country and money will lead it over the next four years. We might have a hand in picking whose money steers the course, but money will steer the course nonetheless. Reality isn’t optional, and most of the real challenges any country of our stature faces aren’t party to negotiation; the business of empire includes a lot of ugly business.


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