Sarah Palin Scandals List Goes On And On, And Where’s The Press?

Here’s a good piece over at How Insane Is John McCain? It lists a bunch of stuff about Palin, with links to sources.

If McCain wins in November, Palin will bring us a new national nightmare.


10 Responses

  1. Not to worry. I’m sure that if McAin’t is elected President, he will put as much thought and effort into filling all the political appointments — the cabinet, the supreme court, the undersecretaries, the AG — as he and his right wing Rovian minions put into their selection of ApPalin as his running mate.


  2. I suppose one could stretch a point and say Sarah Palin is fast and thoughtless… not that I would stoop to such a thing of course.


  3. Scandal? C’mon, Ric: if anything is a scandal, it’s the list–a list with as much padded and stretched language as a recent college graduate’s resume. Little service is found in such writing. Besides, were she as deeply flawed as that piece instructs us to believe, such pieces wouldn’t be necessary–the ten-thousand statements she herself will make from today until the election will do it for her. It belongs in the same category as a FOX news story on Obama’s ties with Jeremiah Wright.


  4. sk –

    Your comment would be more appropriate directed to the blogger at How Insane is John McCain.


  5. So when will we begin seeing the end times rants of Palin’s preacher show up on the news shows? When do we start seeing endless replays of McAin’t’s mistatements (though, if he really believes that what rattles around within his skull is reality, are they mistatements? Maybe Afghanistan really does border with Iraq (and they both share a border with Ritewingistan) in his mind)?


  6. Five days later –

    The lack of beat goes on. MSM has been bullied into “respecting” her.


  7. Don’t forget that they have to show her deference too. She’s not running for vice-president, she’s running for Queen.

    I’m disgusted with the whole fucking show. Can’t even bring myself to write about any of it. Sick fucking country.


  8. Yup…


  9. McCain and Palin have not been able to put the “Bridge to Nowhere” story to rest. I don’t care which story dogs them, as long as the media don’t just give them a free pass on everything.


  10. Oh the media won’t give a free pass to Palin, Chappie. Why, that stellar exemplar of journalistic integrity and feistiness Charlie Gibson is going to interview her. With appropriate deference, of course, you know, the deference due to a self-anointed, full-of-herself, bullshit-throwing Queen.

    The corporations want McCain and Palin. The press will do what its masters want – witness the removal of Olbermann from political anchor positions by MSNBC (Matthews, too, but he’s little more than a loudmouth pimp).


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