McCain Likes Palin’s Butt

Check out Johnny BB Brain checking out Sarah Palin’s butt while he twiddles his wedding ring. Good laugh. True character study.

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  1. Perhaps the first husband and wife President and Vice President? Of course, he would have to ditch Wife 2. Maybe he could send her to a war zone, eh?


  2. More likely he’s going to find himself in a war zone with Cindybot if he keeps staring at Palin’s ass.


  3. All you little boys have a lot of class.


  4. Ric: Cindy already knows that he’s a philanderer. This would come as no surprise.

    Suppose: Class? I have no class. Just ask my teenage daughter. And when I wear a Hawai’ian shirt and my cowboy hat, she becomes vocal about my lack of class.


  5. () –

    I know the Hawaiian shirt is classy because I wear them all the time. But the cowboy hat?


    () and I definitely have a lot of class – just look at our shirt collections. McCain, not so much. Palin, even less. Teaching creationism in science classes – that’s utterly classless. Interesting that Pawlenty wants to do the same thing. Maybe there’s something about being a Republican whose name begins with P.


  6. I think the pick is ap-Palin, but McAin’t thinks her butt is ap-P[e]alin.


  7. () –

    What is that? Revenge for the nun puns? Or too much scotch? Or maybe the cowboy hat is too tight?


  8. That was an attempt at humour. No, it is not revenge for the nun puns. I have had no scotch in the last few weeks. I was not wearing a cowboy hat. That was my mind working normally (well, normally for me).


  9. What, no revenge for the nun puns? Are you going to make a habit of turning the other cheek? And isn’t it true that you were forbidden by the International Parentheticals Convention to use square brackets?

    Speaking of Palin, irony of ironies, she strongly supports teaching abstinence as sex education in schools. That worked out well, didn’t it?


  10. No, I don’t do revenge. I always turn the other cheek (butt cheeks (and, in German, bise mich)). The square brackets may be used vice parentheticals when dealing with squares.

    As for Palin and the pregnancy, check my last two posts (shameless plug).


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