Gustav Makes The Rethuglicans Look Bad No Matter What They Do

Trying to make themselves look concerned, the Republicans are shredding their convention plans 1,500 miles from the storm.

Caught between a rock and hard place. Hoist on their own petard, courtesy of George W. Bush and the Incompetents. Can’t be seen to be enjoying themselves at a convention while New Orleans once again drowns while Republicans watch and eat cake.

But by busting their convention they look like what they are, political opportunists salivating for photo ops with victims of the storm.

McCain’s going to go to the disaster zone? Why? He, his staff, Palin, her staff, and the Secret Service army traveling with them will contribute nothing but clutter to the relief effort, will do nothing but impede relief efforts, all for the sole purpose of making McCain/Palin look good to somebody, all for the sake of some photo ops, just like Bush did during the Katrina mess.

And of course McCain will rush to say that he went to the disaster zone to care for the poor victims while Obama was nowhere to be seen.

Maybe Obama knows he’d just be in the way with his staff and Secret Service army. Instead he’s setting up to have his millions of supporters contribute to the relief effort.

And of course if Obama did go to the area, McCain would be rushing to his news pals to criticize Obama for getting in the way of the relief workers.

Johnny Bomb Bomb is a sick puppy. Maybe not quite as sick as the fundogelical bimbo Palin he’s carting around with him, but sick.

In the meantime Bush is going to Texas to ‘monitor’ the situation.

Yeah. Right. He’s going to sit on his ass while his staff sets up photo ops of him looking concerned. And just like McCain, Bush will haul his staff and Secret Service minions down there to get in the way. There’s not a damn thing he can contribute in Texas or Louisiana (or anywhere in the world for that matter). There’s nothing he can do there that he can’t do from DC.

Sorry for your trouble, New Orleans, but you’re being used again by Republicans to pad their resumes.


7 Responses

  1. Now, if I were a New Orleans resident, I’d be happy for any high-profile publicity opportunity to aid whatever relief efforts will be necessary.

    But, then, I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat.


  2. Ah, but it’s not about the New Orleans residents. It’s about Republican egos. Besides, what’s Jonny BB going to contribute? Beer? Everybody in the world is going to know what happens to New Orleans tomorrow. McCain’s not needed. McCain needs to have people think he’s important and caring and that he matters. He’s not. He isn’t. He doesn’t. He’s simply dangerous.

    You’re the Owl Party, right? What is your and Chappie’s party?


  3. Chappy and I represent Another Goddamned Party. And speaking of chappy, I’d like to point out that I selected a female vice presidential candidate for her qualifications, not her gender.

    If you look around the Atheosphere at some of the guys I know, you’ll agree that she was the only person who made any sense as a running mate. But for the record: She’s also pretty smart just walking, or even sitting down.


  4. Just in case the AGP wins, I’d like to submit in advance my application for a position in the cabinet so I can sit around that big table with all the other bigwigs and practice harumphing at you, my new President. Or will we be practicing anti-harumphing?


  5. Just to toot my own horn a bit, I have been known to walk and chew gum at the same time. On occasion. Years ago.


  6. Yesterday I saw video of Bush sitting in on what appeared to be a FEMA meeting in Texas. Sitting there bobbing his head like a bobblehead doll, looking bored out of his mind – oh, wait – that should be bored out of his skull. But, yup, he got his photo op. Yup yup yup.


  7. Ex: Suggestion: Name your party: “Goddamn, Another Party.” That way you can be the party of gaps.

    Ric: And he also talked about how horrible it is for people to be forced out of their homes. He does not mention the millions who may be forced out due to predatory lending practices.


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