Congratulations To The Lion! Yaaaayyyy!

With the Palin Butt post The Lion reached the magic goal of 500 posts, all top quality, brilliant writing, profound thinking, of course.

Please send donations to The Lion Coffee Fund, so that The Lion can help downtrodden coffee farmers in miserable, pathetic  third world countries  by buying more coffee.

Or just send pretty women to The Lion Pretty Woman Collection. After careful review of all the women he receives, The Lion will choose one, maybe two, to have coffee with at the neighborhood Starbucks. Dutch treat, of course.

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14 Responses

  1. Congratulations. I’m impressed. And on the same day as the Pepsi 500 out in California. Coincidence?


  2. I never touch the stuff. Just spring water and the occasional vermouth.


  3. Come on! You’re cramming in 4 new posts just to make your quota.


  4. 500 posts is a lot of top-quality brilliant writing and profound thinking. I look forward to 500 more.


  5. Evo –

    Did not neither! They were all honest posts, first class. I mean, hey, I could have made this one the five hundreth, you know, but did I cheat? No. I earned my five hundred. What the hell, I could have been like McCain and married five hundred and claimed I earned them, but I’m an honest, straight talking raging anti-Republican blogger.

    Ex –

    It’s true. Thank you. Maybe I’ll send you a faux certificate of appreciation for your appreciation.


  6. 10-4. Faux appreciation. Noted. So Congratulations already.


  7. Congratulations.


  8. Chappie –

    That’s it? That’s the best you can do? After all I’ve done for you and Ex, crushing McCain and logicking Obama in order to drive votes your way? And you expect me to vote for you?

    A little effusiveness is in order. Come on, you can do it!


  9. Ric – 2 notes.

    1. Awfully sensitive
    2. Notice you haven’t posted in a while. šŸ™‚

    Looking forward to the next 500. Get to work. You need help. Here you go…

    Sarah Palin.


  10. My Dearest Lion,

    I apologize most humbly and extravagantly for being far too succinct in acknowledging your most notable achievement. Moreover, I hereby tender sincere, abundant and effusive gratitude for all of the support you have given to the Exterminator/Chaplain ticket. (I think we’ve already discussed your cabinet post, haven’t we?) I hope you will plumb the depths of your soul and find, hidden somewhere in those depths, sufficient mercy and grace to forgive me for my egregious offense.

    Sincerely, cordially and respectfully,

    the chaplain


  11. Damn Chappy, that’s a hell of an ass-kissing!


  12. Evo –

    Palin? Everybody’s doing Palin. Too easy.

    Chappie –

    All is forgiven. But a couple of notes: The Lion has no soul, and while he does mercy, he doesn’t do grace. (No twin sisters jokes, please.)

    Evo again –

    She’s talented, but I think it was all tongue-in-cheek, except for the humble and sincerely parts. Though those might have been tongue-sticking-out.


  13. Congrats on the 500 and I too look forward to the next 250 anyway. I tried to get you a Starbucks gift certificate but when I dropped your name they chased me out to the parking lot where I then bumped into 2 idling cars. Fortunately the barrista lost me in the CO haze.Sorry I’ll try Dunks at 750.


  14. Alfie –

    Thanks for the thought anyway. Starbucks just has no loyalty, ya know?


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