Suppose McCain Wins In November…

Then what do you do?


6 Responses

  1. Ric, the way I’m looking at it, our work as rebellious contrarian freethinking, atheists goes on almost the same whoever wins.

    Sure, Obama makes our job a little easier (hopefully), but he won’t come close to doing everything this country needs done. His faith prevents him from seeing the problems we face in a totally reason and fact based way.

    The culture war goes on unabated. But if he loses, the war gets really ugly.

    Different subject (though related. I’m pretty sure you hold me to “on topic” here) CHECK IT OUT


  2. Sorry, I refuse to contemplate, even for a moment, that sorry turn of events.


  3. dio –

    Xanax helps a lot in thinking about the possibilities… lots of Xanax…


  4. Don’t know about that Lion. But I can tout the advantages of Lexapro.


  5. Not going there. Need to keep a clear head.

    ALTHOUGH…. that might turn out to be the ultimate answer to the initial question you posed.


  6. Diogenes – no one wants to believe me, but Lexapro doesn’t cloud my thinking in the least. By taking the hardest edges off of my depression, I actually think more clearly. To each his own. Works for me!


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