Sarah Palin, Good Choice For McCain, Bad Choice For America

Johnny Bomb-Bomb McCain announced today that he has chosen a mystery woman to be his Vice-President.

All the pundits are wagging their empty tongues trying to figure out why he chose her.

The obvious reasons: she’s a conservative, she’s a woman, she’s pretty, she’s anti-abortion, she’s pro-drilling, yada yada yada.

She can also lay claim to some executive experience, which the Cainanites make a big deal of in their criticism of Obama. They’ll continue to do that, of course, conveniently ignoring all the CEOs, including the Enron crowd enabled by Phil Gramm, who with all their executive experience run companies into the ground and walk away with big pay packages. The experience thing is pretty much a dead issue, no matter how hard Johnny BB flogs it.

But what the pundits appear to be missing is the real reason McBush chose Palin.

Emotional resonance.

The Republicans are good at that.

And what will the voters look at? She’s a woman. She’s a wife. She’s the mother of five, including her latest, born with Down’s Syndrome (everyone go ‘Awwwww!’ – which is the point). She’s youngish. She’s a looker. She’s worked her way up from being a television sportscaster to being governor of Alaska.

Her political qualifications are less important than the emotional resonance. That she has no foreign policy experience matters not a bit (until she comes up to the veep debate with Biden). That she is under investigation in a state rapidly becoming famous for the corruption of its politicians, including one Senator and its sole Representative, is of little consequence to the voters who respond emotionally to her story.

She apparently doesn’t really give a damn about the environment, being perfectly willing to kill off the polar bears so the oil companies her husband works for can pump more fossil fuel into the atmosphere. She may even be willing to go out and shoot a few herself, since she’s a lifelong member of the NRA, leading The Lion to assume that she’ll be happy to see that everyone in America has a right to an assault rifle, which is far more important to Republicans than healthcare for people who get shot or just get sick. She’s likely happy as a pig in crap that the Arctic ice cap will soon be gone, thus allowing her state to become a center of more drilling for gas and oil.

But by golly she’s got those five kids to parade around and all that hair piled up on her head and that pretty face, all to contrast with the old pre-Alzheimers nutcase who picked her to run around the country with him. The voters will just eat that up.

And so will the mainstream media who are so far out of touch with the reality of John McCain that they give him a free pass on virtually every one of his flaws and failures and lies and deceptions. Apparently, since he was jailed by the Vietnamese for five years for killing thousands of Vietnamese people, the people of the United States owe him a Presidency. And by golly if he has to drag around for a couple of months a woman who has virtually no qualifications to be president, then that’s what he’s gonna do. Whatever it takes.

So now the Republicans have presented the country with two people manifestly unqualified to deal with the world as it is. After eight years of Republican leadership by a whole bunch of political hacks and ideologues and bureaucrats, all manifestly unqualified to deal with the real world, McCain and Palin are the best they can do?

If the voters fall for this latest version of Republicrap, then we can pretty much kiss goodbye the democratic republic of the United States. But that’s what Sarah Palin is doing on McCain’s arm – she’s there to help him deliver the death blow.


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  1. Oh, Grumpy, how obvious. For liberals, Sarah Palin is disgusting in every way possible. But she’s a fantastic choice for the McCain crowd. You’ve only scratched the surface here on why that’s so. For really insightfully insightful political insight, written with great insightfulness, check out my latest post.

    And seriously, I’m not sure that being a governor for only two years makes one any less experienced than being a senator for four. I remind you that (1) Congress’s ratings in opinion polls are even lower than Bush’s and (2) since 1976, only one president (Bush I) did not get propelled into his position from a governorship.


  2. Ex –

    Two years a governor in a corrupt political establishment hardly gives me confidence that she can deal with Saakashvili or Pakistan or the Otherstans. She’s an ideologue, and the last fucking thing we need is another narrow-brained fool hanging around the White House.

    And goddammit I’m proud of being obvious. Once in a while. Just for the hell of it. And anyway it’s not obvious to our dimwitted conservative/Republican brethren.

    Nice bulleting over at the Hornet. Why didn’t I think of that?


  3. Two years a governor in a corrupt political establishment hardly gives me confidence that she can deal with Saakashvili or Pakistan or the Otherstans.

    Ummm… they’re not really looking for your confidence, or mine, or that of any of the regular readers here. The scary part is that those two years in a tinker-toy state house and the preceding tenure in the city hall of a municipality smaller than my local WalMart are going to give her clout with those people who are desperately looking for something to grab onto.

    Your vote, my vote, they don’t count. Neither party is talking to us.


  4. But then why does Barack keep sending me those personal emails? And why are those guys with sunglasses and little flag pins continuing to show up everywhere I go, including my yard? Somebody out there is interested in me…

    And BTW I was serious about the bulleting. It’s a good way to get thoughts laid out.

    And didja notice that when Jonny BB Brain was introducing Palin he had to read from cards in his hand?

    And funny how as more and more info about Palin comes out today, the worse she looks. She and McCain present a really deadly danger to this country. I’m giving serious consideration to rethinking my vote in November.


  5. And her voice is annoying as hell.


  6. Bulleting using html is a nice way to get yourself lost in code.


  7. And here I though Palin was on McBush’s arm because he had visions of dumping Cindy for Wife #3.


  8. And the best part is, she’s ALREADY under investigation for ethics violations, so that step is already taken care of.


  9. Read more, from a political Alaskan, here.

    She’s ethically dirty, she’s a fundogelical who wants creationism taught in school science classes, she fought against listing polar bears on the endangered species list because she wants to drill for oil. She fucks the law, she fucks the environment, she fucks reason and logic, she sucks on foreign policy, and then she goes home and fucks hubby and pops out five kids to fuck up an already overpopulated planet. Good choice for Johnny BB Brain.

    His people say he picked her because he had a gut feeling. I think he picked her because he knew the news jerks would be all over it instead of talking about Obama’s speech, and given McCain’s history his gut probably yearned to get in her pants. So much for country first – an unqualified fundogelical ignorant conservative could within a few months be the President of the United States when McCain’s mind completely gives out or he drops dead from the stress of office.


  10. Ric, I agree that if the Democrats allow these two to beat them, life as we imagined it is over. There has been a fundamental(ist) change in the past 8 years. You lock those changes in to place over the next 4 to 8 years and it’s a done deal, including a Supreme Court packed with Scalia clones.

    I think you might be pleasantly surprised how the corporate media handle McCain on this one. That’s no guarantee that Obama will win, but it won’t hurt. Everywhere I’ve been reading, they are politely questioning McCain’s judgment and motives in picking Palin. READ HERE And the story is only 24 hours old. Wait until the L.A. Times, N.Y. Times and Washington Post start doing some in-depth investigative pieces on her. Let’s see what they shake out. I’m much less impressed by McCain’s “brilliant” “strategic” pick than the Exterminator is.


  11. Evo: Your optimism is astounding. NY Times? WashPo? Actual investigative reporting? Only if she gets a $500 haircut or wears $400 shoes.


  12. ()-

    That’s a $400 haircut and $500 shoes. I paid $11 for the shoes I’m wearing now, and haven’t had a haircut in at least three years. Think McCain will talk with me?


  13. Think McCain will talk with me?

    Yeah. “Get away”!!!

    @ (((Billy))) – how about “Wait until McClatchy starts doing some in-depth investigative pieces on her?

    You get my point. Some reporter, somewhere, will want to make a name for herself if she can. If there is a ugly secret, it’ll come out. We already know she tried to have her ex-bro-in-law fired and then fired the guy who wouldn’t do it. How big that is, remains to be seen. But it tells me something about potentiality. Know what I mean?


  14. Evo –

    Odd, that’s what the women say to me. Do you think McCain could be a dame?


  15. I can see McClatchy doing some real investigations, but unless they turn up baby eating or something like that, it’ll be ignored.


  16. OMG McBush actually referred to Palin as his “soul mate” on Faux News Sunday today! I heard it with my own ears, but I still cannot believe it.

    Watch out, Cindy!


  17. Here’s more on the Alaskan witch and also something really disgusting she shares with Cheney, a love for slaughter.


  18. […] the last 3 days so much as been written about Sarah Palin, the good, bad and the ugly. I am convinced that John McCain picked her to inject some life into his campaign […]


  19. Everyone here who has doubts about Sarah Palin has the right idea.

    She is a dangerous choice because of her easy ability to lie. She lied about selling Alaska’s plane on e-bay (she did sell it eventually, she just lied about making a profit on it and where she sold it. It did not sell on e-bay). She put her hometown over $22 million in debt (for an unneccessary gym she promised would not put the town in debt, although it still did.) She lied about not supporting the bridge to nowhere (though when she realized how unpopular it was she changed her mind). She does not think women are smart enough to do what they wish with their own body (even in cases of rape, because babies are ALWAYS healthy and obviously God Given Gifts even when they are your father’s child, and women should not consider the emotional and mental damage that comes with bearing your rapists child).

    She’s anti-environment, anti-community organizers, and anti-animal (she hunts wolves for fun from PLANES).

    She did admit surprisingly to smoking majiauana once. She abused her power as governor trying to get her ex-brother in law fired.

    Is this who you want as your vp? Is McCain someone you want as your president? With such obvious bad judgement in choosing her?

    That is a solid no from me.


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