Why Obama Is Going To Have A Tough Time Winning The Election

Never mind all the fooforaw about focus groups and polls and Luntzian and Lakoffian language.

No, here’s the reason the Democrats will have a tough time this year:

More than two-thirds of Americans don’t know that DNA is the key to heredity.

Ninety percent of Americans don’t understand radiation and what it can do to flesh and blood.

Twenty percent of Americans firmly believe the sun revolves around the Earth.

And so on.*

That kind of citizenry is not going to listen to intelligent and rational discussions of the issues. They aren’t able to gain even a slight understanding of complex issues.

They do understand things like ‘Bomb bomb bomb Iran because Iran is evil’. They do understand ‘Abortion is murder’. They do understand ‘Fight them over there so they won’t come over here and marry your daughter’.

In other words they are capable of understanding only the dumbed down talking points the Republicans put out. And the Republicans understand that their favored citizenry is really pretty stupid, so that’s how they talk to them. That’s why they know they can say, in their cute little codes and through their psycho surrogates, that Barack Obama is a nigger and a raghead and if you elect him the rest of the niggers and hadjis will rape your daughters and take over the country and take away your jobs. The Republicans know their people understand that message.

They should know it. They’ve been pushing versions of it ever since Dickie Nixon started it with his so-called Southern strategy. That’s the kind of citizenry the Republicans like. That’s what they want the whole country to look like. Stupid, ignorant, redneck. People who understand nothing but money, hatred, and bigotry, and who can’t think their way out of a wet paper bag, because if they could they might start shooting Republicans in the street with the assault weapons the Republicans are only to happy to hand to them, no questions asked.

That’s McCain’s kind of people. They’re the people who will gladly hand the country over to McBush for eight more years of disaster and catastrophe. They’re the people who will stick out their right arm to salute the flag while holding their Bibles under their left arm and who will remain blissfully unaware that the Republicans are taking their beloved country right down the toilet.

Or maybe it’s just that the Republicans have been crapping on them for so long that they think living in the toilet is normal.

Yup, for these people the sun rises and sets on McBush while it revolves around the earth.

Try to explain the nuances of health care policy or the complexities of foreign policy to these bozos, Senator Obama.

Aw, hell, don’t even think about bothering. They’re going to vote for McBush no matter what. After all, he’s white and he’s simple-minded. You, you’re barely one step removed from the jungle, according to them. And, well, let’s face it, you just sound smart and christ knows we can’t have an intelligent man running the country.

* Figures from The Age of American Unreason by Susan Jacoby


10 Responses

  1. Well, not to burst your bubble, but I know plenty of dumb Democrats, too. You’d better pay more attention to the Democratic convention speeches if you’re laboring under the delusion that it’s the “smarter” party.

    No one, regardless of his or her views on the issues, can get elected by appealing to the intellect. At least, that’s what the leaders of both major parties seem to think.

    Which is why I’ll be voting for myself in November.


  2. The Democrats have probably not learned the lessons of Dukakis, Gore and Kerry. I’ll be surprised to see it, if they have. We’ll know if they have when they:

    1. Talk about McCain coming back from Viet Nam and dumping his wife for a younger woman.
    2. Connect McCain to Bush every time they speak. Start calling him the 5% Maverick (referring to the pct. of times he voted against Bush).
    3. Remind people that the shithole our economy is in is due entirely to Bush/McCain.
    4. Remind people that we fought the Iraq war and wasted thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars on lies.
    5. Tell them that McCain has gone back and forth on abortion 3 or 4 times.
    6. Tell them about all the times McCain has gone back and forth (this would have been my number 1 until Obama started doing it too)
    7. Raise questions about McCain’s temper and what might “really” have happened to him while being tortured.
    8. Bring back the discussion of his possible affair with a lobbyist and the fact that he voted for legislation favorable to her company.
    9. Interject age as often as possible, including his lack of knowledge on all things technological. “I’m aware of the Internet”.
    10. I’ll have to get back to you on how many houses I own.

    If they attempt to talk issues instead of doing this highly cynical ass-ripping then they won’t win. You have given the reasons why. These guys are talking to you and me. They are talking to morons.


  3. Ex –

    I’ve tried paying attention to the Dems speeches. They just put me to sleep, and I doubt that it’s just because they schedule them for the middle of the frigging night.

    The Dems are policy smart (more or less). The Reps are election smart.

    Evo –

    You left out the parts about being a POW doesn’t qualify McCain to hold office (any office) and the part about it being really sleazy for him to offer his wife to a bunch of bikers for simulated sex acts.


  4. I see you got 3 comments – one from yourself – on a really good post about something really important.
    But you got loads of comments on the The post.
    Are you trying for the Pharyngula effect?


  5. Nah. Just trying to be weird because there’s this rumor going around that weirdos get the girls. (I have to pay Ex and Evo ten cents a comment and they’re very accommodating about it, especially since they know I have no money, but they do increase my weirdness quotient.) (They’ll deny this, of course.)

    On the other hand, it’s looking a lot like weirdness doesn’t really work on women. Time for another strategy.


  6. Dammit, you CANNOT be this cynical tonight! I’m heading to Denver tomorrow for the Obamarathon, and I refuse to believe it is a downer!

    Get cynical on Friday, willya? Please?


  7. Great. Something cheerful for me to worry about when I wake up for my 3:00am old man constitutional. Thanks.


  8. @ Heather – don’t tell the Lion, but I love commenting here. I’d probably do it for a nickel.


  9. Diogenes –

    This is America. I can walk around with my patented Cynical Lantern any day of the week. But in the spirit of compromise I promise to be cynical on Friday too. Might not blog anything, but I’ll be cynical.

    () –

    So that’s what it’s called!

    Evo –

    Heather squealed. You’re down for a nickel. But I’ll include a nice Christmas bonus.


  10. Ric,

    Perhaps it’s just my biased understanding of things, but I just never forget the fact that it is not high-soaring ideals that run any country, but men–flawed men. Today their mistakes are archived and instantaneously circulated around the globe, but they are by no means exceptional for their failings. In order for the greater part of what is written on these matters today to be interesting, or even useful, I’d have to first be convinced that the anatomy of the issues at hand is as clear as the microscopes of the internet make it appear.


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