Joseph Conrad Wins A Clawdie, With Gold Fig Leaf Cluster

No, not that Joseph Conrad. This Joseph Conrad is from Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, and here’s his letter from today’s Globe:

Hippocratic oafs at HHS

THE HEALTH and Human Services position advanced by Secretary Mike Leavitt is but another in the seven-year Bush administration continuum of monumental stupidity (“HHS: Doctors can refuse abortions,” Page A2, Aug. 22). Granting healthcare professions the option to cherry pick which procedures they perform is insane. Shall it be fair game for healthcare providers to deny care to the product of a consanguineous relationship based on a “religious” belief in genetic purity?

Speaking on behalf of the sane measure of civilization, denial of medical care for any reason other than medical necessity should result in loss of license, and if injury is a byproduct of denial, fine and or prison. Any person entering a medical facility should have complete confidence that care will be based on medical reasons, not denied by some bozo standing behind a cardboard mockup of Bush or one of his minions.

Mont Vernon, N.H.

The last sentence alone would win a Clawdie for its plain speaking of truth to power, but in context it earns the Gold Fig Leaf Cluster for ripping the fig leaf off another sick Republican policy driven by ideology instead of reality.

Congratulations, Joseph! Enjoy your Clawdie award, but don’t spend it all in one place.


3 Responses

  1. So could an atheist pharmacist deny medicines to fundamentalist christians because he believes the drugs should be saved for more highly evolved humans who are more likely to make positive contributions to society if they live? Hey, it could be his sincerely held belief….

    And you would be a pal if you delete the same comment that I left in the wrong spot, Lion. Or, you could leave it there and let me look like the fool I am.


  2. Well, for a moment there I was tempted…. but being a charitable sort of fellow I went ahead and deleted it.

    Good comment!


  3. Hey, it could be his sincerely held belief….

    What do you mean, “could?” It certainly would be.


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