Johnny Bomb-Bomb Sending Wife Cindy To Georgia-Russia Conflict

MSNBC a short time ago reported that Senator Bomb Bomb McCain, in response to Senator Obama sending Senator Biden to the country of Georgia recently, is sending his wife, Cindy, there.

The Lion doesn’t know if this is of a piece with Johnny’s offer of her to take part in a biker beauty contest in South Dakota recently, a contest that features simulated sex among other things. Perhaps she’s going to simulate diplomacy with President Saakashvili?

Of course sending his wife to the war zone to talk with the Georgian president demonstrates McCain’s profound, knowledgeable, and intelligent experience dealing with international crises.

He sends his wife, whom he once called a cunt in public and for whose money he dumped his first wife, to a critical conflict zone. His wife, Cindy, the omnipresent blonde at his side. A woman with no diplomatic or foreign policy experience, no qualifications to deal with the leader of Georgia or any other country in matters of war or any matter of serious import and with absolutely no authority to speak for the United States.

Senator Obama sent Senator Biden, an acknowledged expert in foreign policy to have a quiet discussion with President Saakashvili.

So just who is the inexperienced candidate who’s not ready to lead?

Hint: His nickname is Johnny Bomb Bomb McCain.


7 Responses

  1. Is she taking Budweiser with her??


  2. I thought McCain was sending his wife to buy Georgia.


  3. Could be. Now if she could only remember which house she left her credit cards in.


  4. I bet McCain won’t send her to debate Michelle Obama.


  5. Michelle Obama would chew Cindybot up and spit her out. Johnny Bomb Bomb would then call that a racial attack and demand that MO be arrested and sent off to one of the apocryphal Halliburton prison camps. Blacks would attack the camp en masse and be slaughtered by Blackwater mercs, leading to a racial uncivil war.

    Yup. A debate between those two wouldn’t be a good idea.


  6. I dunno. Cindy’s problematic. She is old (well, compared to McAin’t, she’s a spring chicken, but . . . ). Sending her would also tend to undermine the undermind. Maybe Bush should tell McAin’t to stuff it and then send whichever one of the Bush twits (er, twins) is still single. She’d probably be more popular. Actually, given that they are Republicans, marriage shouldn’t matter at all, so Bush could send either twin.



  7. […] Johnny Bomb-Bomb Sending Wife Cindy To Georgia-Russia Conflict […]


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