Eight Years Of Republican Stupidity And Arrogance Come Home To Roost In Biden

When Barack Obama picked Joe Biden to be his vice president, the Republicans did the predictable thing and committed a vicious act of jujitsu on themselves.

Rick Davis, John McCain’s campaign manager, said:

Senator Obama’s choice in a running mate once again brings up his questionable judgment when faced with making major decisions. Senator Biden has long been a leading critic of Senator Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience.

Indiana GOP chairman Murray Clark said:

Obama has spent millions on his change message in Indiana. Biden has held on to a seat in the Senate since 1972. How does that represent change?

And the Executive Director of the Massachusetts GOP, Rob Willington, said:

It would be hard to find a harsher critic of Senator Obama’s lack of experience than Joe Biden. This pick only highlights what the people of Massachusetts are beginning to realize: Barack Obama is not ready to be President.

And just what did Senator Obama do?

He chose to work with him a man who criticized Obama’s lack of experience at various points in the primary campaigns.

And who is Joe Biden?

An experienced Senator who is an acknowledged expert in foreign relations and who has a strong, if not unblemished, record in reform and in speaking truth to power.

Obama picked a guy who is tough and who is tough on Obama, and who provides Obama with expertise in precisely the areas Obama is criticized for weakness.

Contrast that to the Republican leadership of George W. Bush, Dick ‘Darth’ Cheney, and John Bomb-Bomb McCain.

George Bush came to office almost completely ignorant of the world outside Texas. He demonstrated no tolerance for criticism, firing or demoting or minimizing anyone who dared criticize him or his plans. When he held public meetings with the citizenry, the citizens were vetted Republicans who wouldn’t think of criticizing him in one of those scripted events. And heaven forbid he should ever see a protester or demonstrator carrying an anti-Bush message – those people were arrested or hustled off to s0-called free speech areas miles from where Bush was or would be.

The country’s had eight years of this thin-skinned, arrogant Texas ignoramus. Are we better off?

We know his puppetmaster, Cheney, is thin-skinned. He works in the dark, not only intellectually, but metaphorically. He’s afraid of the light of intelligence, in more than one sense, and brooks no dissent. He cares nothing for American democracy, for civil rights, for liberty, for freedom, for the law, for the Constitution. He has betrayed and trampled on all of those things, and his only response to criticism is ‘So?’

After eight years of this man’s criminal behavior and paranoid secrecy, are we better off?

And what can one say about Johnny the Bomber?

Is a man who gleefully sings ‘Bomb bomb bomb Iran’ during a prolonged, if manufactured, crisis with that country ready to be President?

Is a man who can no more stand criticism than his hero, George W. Bush, ready to be President? A man who listens only to his own inner anger, is he ready to be President?

He can’t remember how many homes he owns, but the Republicans assure us he can keep track of the complexities of government. Is his foreign policy to be summed up thus: “No, I don’t know how many bombs we have, but we’re going to use them all, God bless us.”

Is a man whose own campaign staff won’t let him speak off-the-cuff anymore because when he does he demonstrates what a weak-minded bumbler he is, is he ready to be President?

Is a man who shot his mouth off about and demonstrated his ignorance of the recent conflict between Russia and Georgia, who interfered in that event by his pronouncements, ready to be President?

John McBush is not ready to lead. He’s pretty much ready for the old folks senility ward.

Does anyone with a lick of common sense, with the slightest ability to think critically and to see objectively through the media smokescreen around McCain think that the country will be better off after eight years of this pathetic little man and the hordes of greedy, power-hungry traitors who surround him?

The Republican leadership that will spend the next little while criticizing Senator Obama’s choice of Biden seem to lack the intelligence and awareness that they have simply exposed their own party’s weakness and the pathetic weakness of their candidate.

The Lion has spoken against Obama for his move to the right and his abandonment of truly progressive policies. But The Lion does applaud the choice of Biden, and hopes that the Democrats will now begin to run the sort of in-your-face straight talk campaign they need to bury McCain and the Republicans in their own mud and dirt in November.


17 Responses

  1. How DARE you criticize Senator McBush! Do you not realize that the man was a prisoner of war forty years ago? That gives him a “get out of jail free” card for anything and everything that might be used against him.

    If they bring up Bill Ayers, do we get to talk about Charles Keating now?


  2. In 1956 I got beat up and also got paddled by a priest. I think I’m entitled to at least a cabinet post.

    They already brought up Ayers. Be assured they’ll do it again. And again. So, on Keating, feel free.


  3. Excellent post. While I knew Biden didn’t stand a chance for the Democratic nomination, he was still my favorite. I’m glad to see that he’s getting a shot as the VP nominee. I can’t wait until he gets going.


  4. Regarding your Biden story:

    You assert that this is a good selection…I disagree:

    1) This person is a truly sloppy person. His Plagiarism in speeches is legendary; not only did he not acknowldege the original writer, he then tried to say he never used the writer’s words at all. When asked to lead a nation, integrity is of the utmost importance.

    2) Since he has been on the campaign trail, his gaffes indicate again his sloppiness; He tried to claim that FDR went on TV in 1929 to reassure the folks. Come on, FDR wasn’t President until 1933, Television wasn’t available to politicians until after WWII, and the fear FDR was addressing was the fear that the citizens felt regarding the policies he was going to impose.

    One thing I have noticed, the comments regarding McCain’s age and senility have disappeared from the campaign trail, most likely due to the suspicions now raised about Biden’s conditon.

    And today he tells us that someone is going to test Obama in the first 6 months. Based upon what evidence? CIA has confirmed? Has British Intelligence also discovered this? Should we send in Joe Wilson or his wife?

    Get Real!

    C.Michael Hylton
    Taylor, Michigan.


  5. hylton –

    1. Hardly legendary and hardly significant, given the issues that need to be addressed. In fact, if you compared all the political speeches of all the politicians of the last hundred years, you’d find lots of cross-pollination, if you will.

    2. Yes, he said that, and then noted he’d been mistaken, and again, it’s an insignificant error, especially when compared to McCain’s repeated errors on matters of importance – like where Iraq is or who’s actually fighting there or jovially threatening to bomb bomb bomb Iran as if it were a great joke to slaughter people rather than conduct legitimate diplomacy.

    As for his age and senility, his actions and judgment speak for themselves, and they raise serious questions as to whether he is intellectually or emotionally fit to sit in the Oval Office.

    As for testing Obama, that’s not an unrealistic assumption. It doesn’t require CIA intelligence (something of an oxymoron). There are countries out there that would try to test any new President. Big frigging deal.

    You’ve got nothing but the usual Republican faux talking points that serve only one purpose, to distract people from the genuine troubling issues the country and the world face.

    Maybe it’s you and yours who need to deal in reality instead of the smokescreens and lies put out by the Republican party and McCain and Palin.


  6. Its funny that you mention talking points. As I was reading your comments I thought it might be a transcript for something that Keith Obamaren might have mentioned on MSNBC.
    As far as Bama’s pick for VP. Career politician. The only difference between the two is that O is a born politician.
    Now let talk about the “genuine troubling issues” the country and the world face.
    Condense it and at the very core of it what you will find is dishonest, power hungry men. Men that appear to be one thing but are another.
    Now the really scary thing about your buddy is that he appears to be nothing..and everything all at once. Surely you know what I mean. You are supporting a candidate that switches his views on everything!!!! Depending on the situation.
    You seem like a person that is pretty real. And I am sure that you have heard of the comment Bama made about Pennsylvania when he was in Frisco.
    Since you have your own blog. And I am sure that qualifies you to answer this question.Can you explain what might have been going on inside your candidates sophisticated mind, when he made that comment.
    Also, love the “come home to roost” in your title. Tell Jeremiah I said “whatsup”.


  7. Forget to congratulate you about how ignorant and disrespectful you appear to be when you mention your qualifications for a cabinet post.
    And diogenes.Though that man endured what he did. Forty years ago. I would venture to say that’s more than you have ever given for your country.


  8. ed c –

    You’re right. McCain is dishonest and power hungry; and McCain tries to appear the maverick when he is anything but; and he does switch position to whatever he thinks will get him a vote. Good to see that you caught those things.

    Disrespectful? Sure I am. McCain uses his POW experience every chance he gets, but being a POW doesn’t qualify him for anything, certainly not for the Presidency. The fact that he denies, when asked, that he uses that bit of his history, qualifies him as a liar and a hypocrite, and frankly I think it insults every other person who went through similar experiences.

    And you don’t know what diogenes may or may not have given for his country, so don’t make yourself out to be the kind of dumbass who makes such unwarranted assumptions.


  9. Well, I was going to comment, but I doubt I could do better than edC did in both his posts. And to Ric: when you learn to think critically instead of just spewing soundbites picked up for your local morning radio show, then you’ll be ready to discuss politics and leadership with the grownups. Until then, just go to your little sports bar and have a beer and leave the discussion to the people who have a clue about life and the world we’re REALLY living in.


  10. Lucinda –

    That’s a funny comment. Really, seeing as how it comes from someone who apparently has nothing but Fox Noise soundbites to pass on and, like most people on the right, has virtually no clue about the real world. If you couldn’t do better than edC that pretty much puts you down in the bottom of the brain barrel with him. But at least you seem to be a little more literate and in command of the English language.

    BTW, I don’t go to sports bars and rarely drink beer. Too many brain dead conservatives in those places, all drinking the pisswater that passes for American beer.


  11. Obama is really nothing and everything at once, and we all understand that aside from not being George Bush, O offers little else. He is not qualified to be Vice President.


  12. Well Ric, I don’t think you’re going to get laid by Lucinda now. Repressed conservative women tend to be good in bed. For a night.


  13. Wow, fantastic stuff!

    Who’s in charge of Iran?
    Who’s in charge of Spain?
    Iraq borders Pakistan?
    Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran
    Who’s training Al Qaeda in Iraq? Oh nevermind this last one, it was just a senior moment according to Brit Hume, you know, the Washington managing editor of Fox News
    How many houses do you own?
    Who has the “liberal media” helping cover your gaffes?
    Fundamentals of economy sound?

    But seriously, what am I hearing here from your guests? I’m certainly not seeing tons of facts presented, and I’m CERTAINLY not hearing anything about real issues from the Fox faithful visiting today. Oh right, Rick Davis, campaign manager for John McCain said, “This election is not about issues.” Well he, McCain, Fox, and of course the faithful would sure like it not to be about issues, unless of course those “issues” happen to be about Obama being a black Muslim who hates America and wants to bring socialism by way of cutting military funding and taking you and Joe the Plumber’s hard earned money to give to junkie whores popping out babies for Welfare checks or about how being a POW magically makes you both uniquely qualified to be President of the US but also how, having never won a war, McCain “knows how to win a war”.

    Oh and Mr. Josef, you know what’s both nothing and even more nothing at once? Your brilliant political commentary. Way to belly up to the bar and contribute there, Sport.


  14. Great post, with a lot of thought put in it. Thank you for sharing!


  15. Evo –

    I think Lucinda doesn’t like me anymore. Besides if she knew how old I was she’d react with some ageist bigotry, and then I’d have to react with some young punkist bigotry… all in all, not much future there, even for a one nightist stand. Anyway, she’s not smart enough to appreciate all my fine qualities. Now she and edC maybe…


  16. philly –



  17. sahar009 –

    Thanks for the comment.


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