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  1. That’s total bullshit. Everybody knows it’s A.


  2. Ex,

    actually, shouldn’t it be Aaa?



  3. Upon reexamination, I’m beginning to think it might be an. Call me a flip-flopper if you must.


  4. No. It should be a ‘B’, followed by an ‘o’, ‘c’, ‘c’, and an ‘e’!


  5. Damn. Forgot. With a cigar.


  6. () –

    Now, see, this is a serious discussion about a highly controversial article and here you go injecting silly balls and cigars. A little respect for the profound thinking that’s going into this subject, please.


  7. My apologies. If I was out of line, please delete my previous.


  8. Well, Ric, these comments are OK, but how could they not be? Your post was probably the best you’ve ever written. I disagreed with only one or two words at most.


  9. Profound. I’ve been pondering it all day.


  10. Yea. I thought so too. But I think there’s room for a follow-up. Perhaps the The The Post?


  11. Fuck


  12. () –

    I would never delete a parenthetical. I just wanted to be sure you were aware of the seriousness of the discussion on this article. I mean, really, just consider Evo’s demonstrated deep understanding as revealed in his remark. See, you’re part of a fine, intelligent, committed group of intellects. The only question remaining is where should we all be committed?

    Ex –

    Thanks. Sorry you were confused. Which word did you disagree with?

    Chappie –

    It’s good to keep the mind alive, isn’t it?

    Spanqi –

    Mightn’t that be redundant?

    Evo –

    Easier said than done.


  13. Again, how can I apologize enough? I should not have injected your Petanquish tendencies into a serious discussion. I understand your reticence in deleting my shallow comments — they will remain a part of the aetheosphere for all eternity. Well, not eternity as it did not exist before it existed. And an infinite future would outlast the energy of the entire universe, so I guess eternity is the wrong word.

    On a serious note: Should ‘the’ be capitalized? And if so, what level of capitalization compared to debt is necessary?


  14. I should think the capitalization required would depend on the debth of the in the text encapsulating it. But that’s the eternal question, isn’t it?

    As for apologizing, no need. Just send (((Scotch))). I would note though, that you did not insert Petanquish tendencies, you inserted Bocceish tendencies, most definitely yours. You need to keep your balls straight.


  15. Spanqi –

    On further reflection, after finding the the mirror, I suspect that redundant is inaccurate and that regressive regression might more properly apply to the.


  16. You know, if you were really trying to be funny, you would have spelled it the way they do in all those oh-so-clever LOLCats captions: teh.

    But you’re just not as witty as they are.


  17. Ex –

    My cats think the same way you do about the.

    And they don’t think I’m so witty either. So you’re in good company.


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