Iraqi Government Busts American Allies In Iraq

Now here’s a sign of the real progress in Iraq that Johnny Bomb-Bomb McCain keeps blithering about. From today’s Globe:

The raids in Diyala province follow an Iraqi crackdown there against US-backed Sunni Arab volunteers who turned against Al Qaeda and joined the fight against the terror movement.

So the Iraqi security forces are raiding and arresting the people to whom the Americans are paying $300 a month to fight so-called Al Qaeda forces.

And the Iraqi troops that carried out the raid were backed by US helicopters.

It’s actually a little more complicated than that, but the basic thrust of the story suggests that the Americans are in so far over their heads that they’ll never get the taste of Iraqi sand out of their mouths.

Five years of destroying a country and still clueless.

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6 Responses

  1. As long as the contractors get paid (well, the contracting company, anyway), who cares? The whole idea is to transfer as much wealth from the American taxpayer to selected private corporations as possible. If we contract to support both sides in a war, its a win-win, right? Or maybe I’ve just gotten cynical.


  2. () –

    You, cynical? Nah! Couldn’t happen.

    I think that it’s not a matter of supporting both sides in a war. It’s more a matter of the Americans not having a clue about who is on what side, or even that there are considerably more than two sides. Sunni, Shia, Kurds, Baathists, sects of Shia, sects of Sunni, pro-Iranians, anti-Iranians, foreign fighters, foreign al-Qaeda fighters, Iraqi patriots and freedom fighters, and that whole big bunch of Iraqis who just want the fucking miserable, stupid Americans to get the hell out of their country. If there’s any lesson to be learned here, it’s that in the current American government incompetence and stupid ideas reign supreme, and that the Republicans who brought us this mess want to continue it by putting an increasingly senile, ignorant, power hungry, volatile, stupid little man in the White House. You think Bush has been bad? Wait till you see the pathology McCain brings to American domestic and foreign policy.


  3. You are scaring me, Ric. As difficult as it is to comprehend, your contention that McCain may be even worse than Bush may be on the mark. Man, the Republicans have sunk really low. The thing is, they still know how to win. It doesn’t do the Dems much good to be smarter than the Repubs, since they don’t know how to accomplish one of the primary tasks in politics: win the damn election.


  4. My advice to Obama: Quit whining about McCain’s negativity and attack the sonofabitch, full bore, all out, with nothing sacred. And stop saying you honor his service. Fuck his service – it’s not relevant – he spent it in a fucking Vietnamese jail and didn’t learn squat. Did you learn anything on the streets of Chicago? Didn’t you learn how to fight scum like McCain?

    The Dems are once again in the process of throwing away an election, the most important election in a hundred years, because they have some misguided idea that they should play nice on the enemy’s turf. That bullshit is coming from the Clinton people Obama has taken into his campaign. The Clintonistas were wrong before and they are wrong now. Obama needs to bodyslam McCain, over and over and over again. Push his face into his own mud and make him eat it.

    And yeah, chappie, you should be scared. A McCain presidency will suck the country and much of the world right down the toilet. You should be very scared.


  5. Here’s what Obama needs to do. I know this will sound arrogant, but I’m really just looking at it based on Carter (re-election campaign) Dukakis, Gore and Kerry.

    Listen to the blogosphere! Seriously. Listen to guys like the Lion. Ric is exactly right. EXACTLY right. And I hear this over and over. I’m sick of being part of conversations where we all say it.

    Tell you what, Barry. When you read us saying “OUCH, that was going a little far. He IS an old man. Ease up a bit on that line of attack” – THEN, and only then, is it time for you to think about being a little more of a “nice guy”. We’re pretty fair when it comes to noting gratuitous attacks and logical fallacies. We call each other on them. But there is SO MUCH room to attack McCain on the FACTS, that we don’t need to go there and still launch a ferocious Lion mauling on the bastard.


  6. And let’s not forget those gratuitous fallacies… you know, the ones Johnny Bomb-Bomb makes every time he opens his mouth.


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