Afghanistan Cookie Crumbles

While McCain fulminates and Obama nuances and Bush and Rice babble over Georgia, Afghanistan, the place where all this mess began (though a case could certainly be made that it all really began in Washington at the hands of idiot ideologues), Afghanistan continues to sink deeper into what it once was, a feudal land run by warlords dedicated to kicking the crap out of anybody who dares invade.

…this year is on pace to be the deadliest in the Afghan war so far, as the insurgent attacks show rising zeal and sophistication. The insurgents are employing not only a growing number of suicide and roadside bombs but are also waging increasingly well-organized and complex operations using multiple attackers with different types of weapons, NATO officials say.

Just recently the Afghanis killed ten French soldiers and wounded 21 in a single attack, the worst French losses since 1983 in Beirut. Little Nicky Sarkozy isn’t having it:

“My determination is intact,” he said before leaving to visit his troops in Kabul. “France is committed to pursuing the struggle against terrorism, for democracy and for freedom. This is a just cause; it is an honor for France and for its army to defend it.”

Give that man a gun and send him into the boonies! Rah rah rah! The Lion wonders how the dead soldiers feel about their honor. Oh, whoops, they’re dead, they don’t feel a thing. One might guess they’re going to miss out on all the other wars Sarkozy/McBush want to fight to use freedom and democracy to drain resources and take profits from foreign lands for American profiteers and corporations.

Imagine, a world awash in freedom and democracy for American corporations. The mind reels. The heart stops. The breath gets sucked away. Millions get killed.

But all these smart profiteers, all these brilliant entrepreneurs and ideologists, all that mind power comprising the Republican party that brought us all this death and destruction, all of that can’t take the simple path in Afghanistan. Buy the damned opium crop at market prices directly from the farmers until we can provide them with alternative crops and skills that let them make a decent living. Then they won’t need or want the fanatics, who will be reduced to wandering in the wilderness blithering their favorite Koranic verses at the rocks and sand or to joining a society that has the money to be free and democratic.

It’s a truth of democracy that it does not flourish in poverty and misery and ignorance. Nor can it be brought to your country at the point of an invader’s gun. But there’s no point in letting McBush and his friends in on that secret.

Nah! It’s simpler for them to kill and imprison and torture ‘suspected insurgents’ and bankrupt the American treasury and drag Europe into a war it doesn’t want and create five or six more terrorists for every member of the latest wedding party the Americans bomb or ambush. Yeah, that works.

Obligatory ending statement: That’s the way the cookie crumbles.


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