Arizona Loathes McCain. Who Said Arizonans Were Stupid (McCain, Most Likely)

Here’s a lengthy story in yesterday’s Phoenix New Times about Senator John Bomb-Bomb McCain, telling you what the McCain sycophants in the national press corps would rather cover up.


3 Responses

  1. If this asshat were a Democrat, things such as this (the Keating 5 scandal, his rudeness, his lies) would be front page news, top of the news cycle on every newspaper, cable news channel and network 24/7. Bleah.


  2. Now the emptyhead pundits have a new way to earn their paycheck for blithering in public. John Edwards had an affair! They’ll keep blathering on about that for the next two weeks instead of dealing with real news. Who gives a flying goddam if Johnny had a fucking affair with a good looking blonde? The Pundits! It’s none of their business, it’s none of our business. Jesus Fucking Christ, I’ll have some scotch now!


  3. Oh, shit. That’ll keep them off of McAin’t’s ass for weeks. Like they need an excuse.


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