We Know McCain Is A Liar. Is He A Racist Too?

That John McCain is a liar is beyond doubt. Here’s a just a sample from today’s Globe:

McCain ad statement about Obama: “[He] says he’ll raise taxes on electricity. Higher taxes, more foreign oil, that’s the real Obama.”
Fact-checker: The electricity tax apparently refers to Obama’s support for a cap-and-trade system to limit carbon emissions, but McCain also backs a similar proposal.


McCain ad statement about Obama: “He made time to go to the gym, but canceled a visit with wounded troops. Seems the Pentagon wouldn’t allow him to bring cameras. “
Fact-checker: Obama did go to a gym in Berlin and did cancel a visit to a US military medical center in Germany. The Obama campaign says the visit was nixed because he did not want to bring politics to the hospital.

[Lion note: He went to a gym and met the troops and played some basketball with them.]

July 21

McCain ad statement about Obama: “Who can you thank for rising prices at the pump? Obama! Obama!”
Fact-checker: McCain’s campaign cites Obama’s support for a ban on offshore oil drilling, but that ban has been in place since 1982, and Obama has only been in the US Senate since 2005.

July 18

McCain ad statement about Obama: “He voted against funding our troops.”
Fact-checker: Obama did vote in May 2007 against an Iraq war funding bill, after failing to attach a timetable for withdrawal. But Obama has voted for several other troop funding bills.

SOURCES: Globe staff, news reports, politifact.com

But is this pathetic old man also a racist? Is he willing to play the race card, the same one played against Harold Ford, a black Senatorial candidate, in 2006 in Tennessee?

The Republicans in the Ford race put out a commercial with jungle drums in the background and a blonde white woman giving Ford a come-on.

John McCain hired the guy, Terry Nelson, who produced the infamous Ford/Bimbo ad, back in March.

And now here comes an ad associating Senator Obama with two good-looking blonde white women while accusing him of arrogance. The subtext – this uppity nigger is after your women. And yes, that message plays, especially to Southern white trash who call the Republican Party home. (Lest anyone accuse The Lion of dumping on poor Southerners, The Lion would point out that ‘Southern white trash’ includes rich people  and middle class people, anyone who looks at Obama and thinks ‘nigger’ and buys into McCain’s racism.)

McCain will point to his adopted daughter, a non-white, as proof that he isn’t a racist. But run a racist ad, you’re a racist. McCain is dumping on his own family, his own daughter, to score points in a political race. A man can’t get too much lower than that.

John McCain has earned himself a place among the scum of the earth. Liar, hypocrite, racist, ignorant, stupid, pretentious. And old. Old shouldn’t be an epithet, but he’s made it one. And this is the best the Republicans can offer the country after eight years of inflicting the worst government in American history on the United States.


4 Responses

  1. Nice rant, but I think you’re wrong about the two blonde white women. I know you’re too old to recognize them — so is McCain, probably — but just FYI, they’re Lindsay Lohan and Drew Barrymore.

    I think the ad is a piece of shit and/or laughable. But I don’t think it uses the same tactic as the Harold Ford spot. I mean, does anybody care who fucks Jean Harlow or Carole Landis?

    So, even though Donna Rice and Mandy Rice-Davies are shown briefly, I don’t think it’s any reflection on Osama bin Laden.


  2. Aw c’mon Ex, even I know Lindsay Lohan isn’t blonde.

    Yeah, it’s not the same as the Ford ad. No junglebunny drums in the background. Maybe in the next dozen or so.


  3. “He went to a gym”… LOL!

    Yeah. He did. A gym packed with about 500 screaming, excited men and women from the U.S. armed forces.

    Oh, these people. Will it work – again?


  4. The July 18th advert also leaves out the little tidbit that McAin’t also voted against a bill to fund the troops — he thought it unfair that Congress was telling the President how long he could have the troops. Of course, it was okay when he was leading the charge to force Clinton to remove troops from the former Jugoslavia, but now it is just plain wrong.

    He is also calling Obama a (gasp) celebrity. Because he has cheering hordes where ever he goes, has his picture on magazine covers, is a guest on talk shows, is a guest on news programs, has his own commercials, and pretty much is doing the same thing McAin’t has been doing since coming back from Vietnam (except the screaming crowds, of course). Of course, Obama is a celebrity because he is a politician running for President. McAin’t is a politician because he became a celebrity (sort of) for being shot down.


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