Can McCain Get Any Lower Or More Pathetic?

McCain has gone beyond being hysterically sad.

He hires the guy who made the blatantly racist ad that took down Harold Ford in Tennessee.

Four months later he puts out an ad that conflates images of a couple of blonde white women, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, with images of Barack Obama, calling Obama arrogant, and pushing the subtext of the uppity nigger getting the white women.

Senator Obama chides him for bringing race into the campaign.

And McCain and his people, and all their television pundits, start shouting that because Obama called them out on their racist campaigning Obama is playing the race card. 

If there’s anything more ridiculous than that, it’s got to be Pat Buchanan, that officious, pompous, loudmouth blowhard insisting on MSNBC that Obama is playing the race card.

The Lion suggests we haven’t seen the bottom yet from the McCain campaign.


4 Responses

  1. Glad I read to the end of your post! I had intended to say that , sadly, McCain can and will get lower and more pathetic. You beat me to the punchline!

    You gotta give it to John, though. How’s this for strategery? “My opponent is younger, smarter, well educated, an impressive young man. He’s inordinately popular in the United States, and his recent tour in the Middle East and Europe shows that his popularity extends beyond our borders. Our allies are already treating him like he is the President Elect. But other than all that, why vote for HIM?


  2. Well, shit, there you go picking on poor Britney Spears again.
    Haven’t you learned your lesson?

    If you’re gonna go around making women hysterical, it’s no wonder you’re not getting laid.


  3. By the way, Ric, in case you’re tempted:
    The person in the video is a guy.


  4. Not tempted. The person’s a whiner and his moustache is showing.

    And hey, at least Spears had the decency to decry the use of her image in the ad. The little tart has more class than McCain could ever dream of having.


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