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Massachusetts Health Insurance Terrorism…

On NPR this morning an announcer intoned that Massachusetts is the only state to guarantee health coverage for everyone.

Not so.

Massachusetts, under the occasional governorship of Wilbur ‘The Mitten’ Romney, passed a law forcing everyone to run out and buy health insurance.

That’s not health coverage. That’s corporate tyranny. The sole purpose of health insurance is to make it difficult for people to get health care. When you’ve got a $2,000 deductible, like most of the plans seem to have, you don’t have health care.

You do have insurance company execs hauling away big salaries and driving expensive cars and spending y0ur premiums on high-priced vacations in resorts available to the rich, but not to the average guy back home struggling to pay his medical bills while desperately trying to figure out just what, if anything, his insurance company will pay for.

Lately the Massachusetts program has slid into financial trouble. Too many people needing subsidies – subsidies meaning money the state pays to the insurance companies for policies – and too little money available. Why? Bad planning, poor thinking, rosy assumptions instead of realistic evidence.

Now the business community and the medical community and the insurance pirates have banded together to screw the people again.

They don’t want to kick in any more money. Their solution is to kick the disabled and the really sick into so-called managed care plans.

Managed care means the victim… the patient gets no choice in who his doctor is or what treatment he gets. The bureaucrats who work for the corporations tell him who he can see and when and where. That’s what the free enterprise system comes up with – tyranny over the helpless – a plan to let them continue to line their pockets while offering the worst health care they can think of.

What’s managed care? It’s assembly line care. It’s a doctor getting a fixed fee per patient. The Lion can’t think of a better way to guarantee poor care.

And with all the money the business community has to spend on schmoozing with Massachusetts legislators, who are just as dumb and venal as any others (read anything about Sal DiMasi, Speaker of the House in Massachusetts), The Lion is pretty sure disabled people are going to get screwed. Again. And the insurance terrorists will get to buy new expensive cars and take more vacations to rich people’s resorts.

Johnny ‘Bomb Everything’ McCain adored by college twits…

The Globe ran a story on the front page today about Jonny Mac’s relationship with college kids. They quote one young Republican, who obviously hasn’t been paying attention, as saying “I can’t imagine somebody more qualified or more worthy of respect.”

Of course the kid is a Republican. He has no imagination and he supports a guy who would run over his wife and rape his mother if it would get him into the White House and let him get his hands on all those shiny bombs he’s just itching to turn loose in a part of the world he seems to know nothing about.

McCain is not only ignorant, he’s a liar who can’t keep his stories straight. Not even with the help of CBS news, which did the old guy a big favor by not running comments he made showing just how ignorant he was of his main selling point, the disaster in Iraq.

His worshippers seem to think that because he did prison time in Vietnam for murder by bomb that he should be rewarded with the American Presidency. They’re genuinely offended when anyone suggests otherwise.

In fact Bomb Bomb’s time in Vietnam neither qualifies nor disqualifies him. However, a case could be made that it should probably disqualify him.

After all, he came out of that experience thinking that the best way to solve problems with other countries is to threaten them with bombs and invasions. And in his case, as in his boyfriend Georgie’s case, he’s stupid enough and short-sighted enough and close enough to senility to actually do it. The dumb old bastard can’t even get the facts straight when the historical record is right out there for everyone to see. What the hell is he going to do when he’s the one making the record?

That just doesn’t speak well of the education our little Republican college boy is getting. Apparently he’s been painting McCain campaign signs when he should have been attending reality and thinking classes.


2 Responses

  1. “Why? Bad planning, poor thinking, rosy assumptions instead of realistic evidence.” That is what we call faith-based government.


  2. Re: McCain tortured and imprisoned for 5 1/2 years.

    Can you say, “post-traumatic stress syndrome”? How could he NOT suffer from it? How could it NOT affect his world-view? How could he NOT have learned that torture is evil and how could he NOT have voted against the United States using it?

    I’d say his time in the Hanoi Hilton should indeed be considered a factor in judging his qualifications to be President.


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