Gardasil Safe For Women. (Never Mind The Dead Bodies)

Reuters reports that the American Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control, two Bush Republican administration bureaus which have shown an amazing ability to kneel before the CEOs and Boards of Directors of the companies they regulate, have declared that the vaccine Merck sells to protect women from cervical cancer is safe and effective.

“Based on the review of available information by FDA and CDC, Gardasil continues to be safe and effective, and its benefits continue to outweigh its risks,” a statement said.

These stalwart protectors of the public health (salmonella anyone, or perhaps some mad cow disease to go along with your Vioxx) reviewed 9,700 health problems occurring after Gardasil injections. They said six percent (that’s 582) were serious. And twenty women had died as of June 30.

But the drug is safe. Yup. Now, with the imprimatur of the pharmaceutical industry’s wholly-owned FDA and CDC, so are Merck’s hefty profits on annual sales of between 1.5 and 2 billion dollars.

On July 8 Merck announced that it was confident of Gardasil’s safety. Of course they are. There’s plenty of money to pay off the nuisance suits of the dead women and still have a healthy profit.

On the other hand, if equal percentages of men had suffered serious health problems and had died following a male fixit drug, just imagine the uproar. Twenty dead men. The heavens will fall. Congress will investigate. Merck will be pilloried. (Let us now bow our heads in memory of the several hundred men killed by Viagra in their quest for penetrating orgasms. And let us pray for the end of those smarmy cock commercials on television for Viagra and Cialis and other such concoctions. You can’t get it up? The Lion doesn’t care. Go talk to your partner, you moronic sap.)

This is of a piece with John ‘Bomb Bomb’ McCain’s answer to a reporter’s question as to whether it was fair for insurance companies to pay for penis stiffening drugs for men while refusing to pay for birth control pills for women. His answer. A long moment of silence, followed by a big ‘I don’t know my position on that’.

One might assume that he later asked one of his many lobbyist advisors what his position was on the matter. He could have just looked at his record, since he voted to allow payments for the hardeners and to disallow birth control payments.

And this is the guy Hillary Clinton’s fans want to vote for? These are the policies they want to continue and to broaden and deepen?

Hell’s bells, the country’s going to need more cemeteries.


2 Responses

  1. It’s so circular. Greed can potentially grease the way for unsafe vaccines, then if there’s even the whiff of them being unsafe, then the masses feel justified in their irrational fears of all vaccines so no one gets vaccinated and we have widespread epidemics which will require what? Medications.

    In the mean time, the Republicans who regularly claim government is bad and regulation is bad, proceed to make government bad and regulation ineffective and then point and say, “see, we told you”.


  2. There is important background info in “Fatal Probe”, a little book written a few years ago by Will Locksley that can be found on Amazon. He seems to have been out there warning women about this for years.

    The primary focus of the book is to uncover facts concerning the cross-infection of women during their visits to the offices of their medical providers. However, there is relevant, previously undisclosed information that challenges the efficacy of the Gardacil tests.

    Be patient, in that they seem to not be able to keep them in stock.


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