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From today’s Globe

Iran ‘negotiations’…

Finally the United States is sending a high level dipsolomat to the Iran talks that the Europeans have been running for the past couple of years.

His name is William Burns and he is claimed by the press to be America’s third highest ranking diplomat.

His official role will be to attend one meeting, sit there, and do nothing. Can’t talk. Can’t negotiate. Can’t do shit.

That of course goes right along with the rest of the Bush Administrations idiot policy towards Iran. Briefly stated the policy says “Stop screwing around with uranium and then we’ll talk with you about you stopping screwing around with uranium. Alternatively we’ll just bomb the living crap out of your country and cut our own throat in the process.”

Such is what passes for intelligent thought in the Republican Bush Administration.

Government screws veterans… again…

The Republican Administration in Washington, the one that George Bush runs, trying to make itself look good by hiring a private contractor to sort out veterans’ financial claims, denied the rightful claims of over 28,000 vets.

According to a House of Representatives investigation, officials lowered their standards and suspended quality control systems in order to rush through the backlog of claims.

That’s how to get things done. Screw it up in the first place, and then screw it up again to fix it instead of doing it right in the first place. It makes one wonder which Republican party hacks and cronies were put in charge of this program.

Screw up government so you can claim government screws up. That’s the Republican way. Of course this time they were hoping they didn’t get caught.

China makes pretty for Olympics…

China, reputed to be a civilized country, has evicted one and a quarter million people from their homes in Beijing.

Kick ’em out, raze their homes, plant pretty flowers so the world won’t see the lie and the ugliness of China’s Communist tyranny.

To quote one district official involved in screwing over the people, “Before the Olympics, we must tear it down, plant grass and paint the wall to make the street look great. The time is very tight.” He was speaking of a small, long-time family business the government decided to destroy.

Which is a long winded way of saying that the Olympics in Beijing next month will be an illusion built on the ruins of a million lives.

Kind of like George Bush’s ‘democracy’ in Iraq.


7 Responses

  1. With the exception of the brief blip on the radar of Walter Reed, there’s been next to no coverage of the poor treatment of the veterans, especially the disabled veterans. The fight over restoring the GI Bill to what it used to be and what it was always intended to be has also gotten little to no coverage. There should be outrage! Support our troops? Yeah, let me tell you about what it means to support our troops. It means far more than waving flags, tying yellow ribbons and patting them on the back.


  2. Ric:
    You are one angry motherfucker, did you know that?

    How come more people aren’t like you? Oh, wait … I know. They’re too busy worrying about what Brangelina’s twins look like. Why can’t you put your trivial political complaints in perspective, and focus on what’s really important?


  3. Yeah Ric. If you are going to be political with your anger, at least focus on something important like The New Yorker’s Obama cover.

    The Chinese article made me think, yet again, how utterly stupid nationalism is. You know who has been worked up into a frenzy about that story? The Chinese people. But are they mad at their government? No. They are mad at assholes like The Grumpy Lion who keep talking about it and making China “look” bad.

    Nice to know that our country has no monopoly on moronic thinking.


  4. Ex –

    Well, what’s really important is me getting laid. But since that’s highly unlikely in the time I have left on the planet, I figure dabbling in trivial political complaints is a good way to spend my time.

    Evo –

    The Chinese people are mad at moi? I am just so flattered. Really, I had no idea they were even paying attention. Maybe I should try for something really tough, like North Korea, next time I go after a country. Or maybe Rhode Island. Now there’s a state that’s really screwed up. Talk about corrupt politicians and political processes… Oy!


  5. Your post reminded of why I sometimes I cruisin’ the news. It’s an utterly depressing activity.


  6. I sent you an email yesterday that seemed guaranteed to get you laid, tailor made for a lion. I hope you got it. Let me know how that works out.


  7. chappie –

    Apparently your depression has interfered with your brain/finger connection. I suggest drugs.

    spanqi –

    Sure, sure, get me all excited with the promise of hope. So where’s this magic email, huh? And who’s the woman in the picture at your banquet? You got her phone number, huh, huh?


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