Senator Barack Obama Dead By His Own Hand

Senator Barack Obama, the junior senator from Illinois, a Democrat and the presumptive nominee of his party for the office of President of the United States, assassinated himself yesterday on the floor of the United States Senate.

In the eyes of The Lion, Senator Obama might as well have done so.

He voted with sixty-eight other Senators to support the bill that gives the President of the United States unprecedented powers to wiretap pretty much anyone he wants to. The current President has admitted to violating the wiretap law thousands of times, and has suffered no punishment other than some mild verbal slaps from pundits who wouldn’t know the death of a democracy if it fell on them.

Contained in the bill is a provision granting retroactive immunity to the telecommunications companies that conspired with the President to violate the wiretap law. Neither they nor the President will pay a price. Forty lawsuits currently in process against the telecom corporations will become void when the President signs the bill, which he is ‘eager’ to do. Let us hope we will not be subject to the spectacle of the thug drooling on his signature as he rushes to free himself and his telecom cronies from legal responsibility for their crimes.

As for Senator Obama, The Lion expects some twists and turns on policy in the midst of an election campaign. As the Senator has brought more and more of the Clinton family’s personnel into his campaign he has twisted more and more toward the right and increasingly abandoned his natural constituency among Democrats and the people generally. Even that might be understood and grudgingly accepted.

But not this.

He said he would filibuster this bill.

He said he would not vote for this bill.

He condemned it.

He lied.

He struck a blow at the heart of democracy, at our Constitutionally guaranteed right to be safe in our own homes from government intrusion.

The fourth amendment to the Constitution reads:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Senator Obama and the other Democratic Senators who voted for the bill gutted this provision of the Constitution. They approved the actions of a lawless President and lawless corporations, and apparently expect that those entities will now behave like good law-abiding citizens because there’s a new law.

The Democrats who did this are fools. The Republicans are thugs from whom we expect this sort of behavior. Now they have joined forces.

It is obvious to anyone except a Republican or Conservative that the last eight years have shown that Republican government is lawless government, is government of lies and deceit, is government of incompetence and destruction, is government of greed, is government whose only goal is to satisfy the lust of powerful men for money and power.

And with the passage of this bill, with “Support from key Democrats [that] ensured passage of the measure“, the Democrats have shown that they are not different from the Republicans. The Democrats refuse to stand with law and principle. And Senator Obama surrendered his integrity as well when he cast his vote.

He will do his best to spin his action into something acceptable. That’s what people who have no integrity do these days. They dress up their failures of principle in words of deceit that seek to comfort the people betrayed.

And because he has done this, and because he is adopting other positions somewhat less egregious, he will continue to betray the people who support him.


No more.

Senator Obama is dead to me.

I will not vote for him, but will waste my vote on a third party candidate.

I will no longer support the Democratic Party in any way.

I will not acquiesce to the destruction of my country by supporting lesser evils.

Republicans and Conservatives can take what joy they want from decisions like mine as they continue their thuggery and their destruction of democracy and liberty, but they should know that sooner or later they will face me and mine in the streets and we will have our country back from them.


21 Responses

  1. Now they have joined forces.

    I don’t know when it happened, but I know it’s not “now”. It was long ago. Was it in your lifetime, or mine? I don’t know. Probably longer ago than that.

    Our society has slowly, over many decades, turned into one giant shopping structure, controlled by corporate interests and given legitimacy by the government we “elect”. We aren’t Homo sapiens. We’re Homo consumiens. Give us more, give us better, give us newer, and give it to us faster. The “elections” give us the illusion that we help form rational decisions. The “elections” even give those who will do as the Lion and vote “3rd Party” an illusion of protest.

    We are through the looking glass, down the rabbit hole and into the twilight zone and the only thing that will ever change it is the last sentence in your post.

    Just note that our Founders fought a revolution over less.


  2. One thing about Obama…I give him credit for being so suicidily open about his lies..No ands ifs or buts, he is an unabashed liar.

    Obama forthrightness in has made it is so easy for me to say that Nader gets my vote.


  3. A little lesson in political science:

    1. Politicians lie.
    2. Obama is a politician.
    3. Therefore, Obama lies.

    ‘Nuff said.


  4. Chappy, I can make it easier:

    1. Homo sapiens (or consumiens) LIE
    2. Obama is one of us
    3. Obama lies

    I can live with that. But there are points to which I just can’t sit back and let the lies stretch. There are lies and damnable lies. There are lies about how great you look in that new dress. There are lies like “fighting for …” that doesn’t seem to get fought for. And there are lies like “This is destructive of our very Constitution and I won’t allow it” – and then allowing it. That’s not the same as telling you that you look 20 lbs less in that dress.


  5. chappy:
    Voting for the new, improved, telecom-immunity FISA is beyond a lie. It’s a betrayal of the Constitution on a grand scale. It makes Obama and his Democratic cronies no different than the Republicans they criticize. Acually, the Dems are much worse, in a way, because no one was banking on the right-wing to champion civil liberties.

    It’s a good thing you and I are running, eh?


  6. I wasn’t under any illusions that Obama was a great, shining hero. I don’t have heros, certainly not political heros. But I think that many of his fans, if we can call them that, were adopting the normal childish American stance of looking at him as a hero, the knight in shining armor come to rescue the fair damsel of America from the ruthless thugs who have raped her for eight years (actually considerably more than that).

    But I did think that he meant the things he said, that he was taking a principled stand on issues, and I was willing to support him on that basis. I was wrong.

    I do think he is getting bad advice from the Clinton/DNC crew. They’re still parroting the tired tactic of ‘moving to the center’ while refusing to see that the so-called center is actually the right. When I saw he had Madeleine Albright on board, I knew he was heading for trouble, and as he’s brought more of the Clinton crowd in, the deeper in the shit of lies and hypocrisy he’s sunk.

    I think the more thoughtful of his supporters, the ones who actually understand the issues and who can see what’s happening, will react either by abandoning him or by reducing their support. The mass of his supporters are simply unlikely to understand the depth of the issue.

    For me to change my mind and renew my support he would have to publicly renounce his vote, admit it was wrong, and he would have to start getting rid of the Clintonistas and DNC crowd that are polluting his campaign. He could actually turn a renunciation of his vote into a plus by saying something like “I was wrong on that vote. I believed I was doing the right thing at the time and I went to the Senate to vote for what I believed was the best course. My opponent, Senator McCain, on an issue of fundamental and profound Constitutional significance, couldn’t even be bothered to show up to vote.”

    I doubt that any of that will happen.

    Besides, we couldn’t be sure that he would be telling the truth if he said he was wrong. Would he be saying he was wrong based on principle, or he was wrong because it cost him support? Once these guys commit to lying and pandering for votes, nothing they say can be taken as truthful. So even if he did renounce the vote, his renunciation couldn’t be trusted, and the damage of that vote to our country is too profound for an apology to matter. It would be like saying “Yeah, I’m sorry I raped and killed your sister and your mother. Really I am. Wanna go have a beer?”


  7. P.S. Not that he gives a damn about my vote or what I say here. But I’d give him a fucking earful if he asked.


  8. I’m not as adamant about prosecuting the telecom companies as I was. This administration scares me, and I think that the combo of its willingness and its ability to do whatever the fuck it wants is very intimidating, so with that in mind I’m beginning to be a little sympathetic to the telecoms. Should they have said no to the President? Of course. Should they have united to resist him? Yes. Would that have been normal, average behavior or exemplary? I’m thinking the latter, sadly.

    As for voting to allow this shit to continue on an even grander and more scary scale? Hell no, that’s quite simply unAmerican. I don’t see how you can view it any other way.


  9. This will serve as absolutely zero consolation but I’m gonna say it anyway. I thank you for being brutally honest and true to my previously assumed perceptions of your character.
    I agree with your analysis of why Obama is doing what he’s doing. He is charging to the center to expand his appeal. He does this though at a higher price than McCain does when he alters a position. The people that bought into the change mantra did so honestly and with sincere hope imo.They feel the pain of being turned on.


  10. I also find my self sadly disillusioned. I was really hoping (lovely word, that, appropriated by Obama) that he could invigorate the political process and move us in a completely different direction. I found his naivete and inexperience to be a plus, not a minus, and actually somewhat refreshing. He’s losing that virginal luster, and perhaps that’s a necessary result of the political campaign he’s waging, but it doesn’t make me happy.

    On the other hand, all that’s just gloss. It’s skin deep. Actions like the FISA vote indicate the depth of his convictions, and I’m not sure I like what I see.

    I am willing, however, to withhold judgment until November, and see what else he does. This could be a one-off aberation, and the bulk of his convictions could be (and most likely will be) far more palatable than that of McCain’s, essentially leaving me no choice in a tight race.

    If he’s way ahead in the polls and a victory is a shoe-in, I’m voting for Ex and Chappie.


  11. @ SI – the only problem is that while the FISA vote was (IMO) the worst of his transgressions, it’s not like it’s unique. He’s turning so quickly, I can’t tell if he’s flipping or flopping.

    @ Philly – If you saw the Feingold video I sent you, you’ll know you basically agree with the great Senator. The telecom thing is bad, but you can live with that because our problems are so much greater. What’s really bad is what this means for the future of the once-great 4th Amendment.


  12. SI said:
    This could be a one-off aberation …

    Pretty fucking big aberration: “I’m completely for civil liberties — um — except where they conflict with the government’s interests.”

    If you change the word “aberration” to “betrayal of everything he claims to stand for,” you might have a point.


  13. It’s not so much I’m willing to live with it Evo, as much as I’m not sure if they easily could have resisted. With full unchecked power behind this administration, I think a company that resisted could have been crushed and compelled. I disagree with Feingold’s rationalizing of the situation. It’s ridiculous to sit and plan for the Obamessiah to set everything right again once he takes office.


  14. I agree with you on that part. I called it his “faith-based” position. I’ll go further – it’s anti-evidentiary. Obama, if anything, has now shown he won’t do a fucking thing about it. But a Democratic senator is not going to say that. Not even Feingold.


  15. Philly:
    I think a company that resisted could have been crushed and compelled.
    “Crushed” maybe, “compelled” no. There’s always the option of going out of business rather than support practices one finds repugnant. It’s why I wouldn’t expect you to create great artwork for a Christian mega-church — even if that refusal meant your not having any work.

    In any case, it’s unlikely that the telecoms, if they’d been united against the outrage, would have been crushed.


  16. Obama is quickly showing himself to be what the deacon saw him as months ago. I didn’t buy a lot of his talk, but the deacon has been much more wary than I all along. Obama is slick. He wants to win. We may have to start calling him McBama soon.


  17. There’s a difference between an individual taking a stand and a national corporation. You have employees, stockholders and customers, thousands of each, all who could suffer at the hands of the administration’s goons. Oh, and let’s not forget incarceration on some trumped up shit where you get sentenced from some hand picked judge or hell, maybe they’d forego the formalities and just ship you off to Gitmo, or maybe send your wife or a kid there. You know they read some questionable stuff, so they’re probably terrorist sympathizers.

    I call all of that compelling.

    I don’t know enough about the telecoms to say with any certainty if they could have circled the wagons and resisted.


  18. Qwest just flat out refused, Philly. They “circled their lawyers”. The lawyers said, this is fucking illegal. The Board said, we ain’t playing this shit. Get a court order and we’ll do it. Apparently they were almost immediately black-listed by the government in terms of whatever “help” the government gives corporations. But they had balls. And now a lot of people signing up for Qwest, who had never even heard of them, as a reward!


  19. obama winner


  20. class of…

    […]Senator Barack Obama Dead By His Own Hand « Grumpy Lion[…]…


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