The Bush ‘War On Terror’

George Bush, rumored to be the President of the United States of America, a once decent and moderately intelligent country, plunged the United States into what he calls, in his drug-influenced and alcohol-addled fantasy world, ‘The War on Terror’.

It has been about as successful as the American ‘War on Drugs’, which is as abject a failure as the Prohibition fantasists’ ‘War on Alcohol’ eighty years ago.

Never mind the bloody-minded details. Look at the forest.

First our precious Republican government attacked Afghanistan, the country that sheltered the gentlemen who effectively bombed the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

But before that job was barely begun our precious President and his neocon cronies pulled the troops out of Afghanistan and unleashed a brutal and poorly considered attack on Iraq, a country that had no part in the Trade Center/Pentagon attacks – a fact that even Crazy George finally admitted on videotape, an admission that got all of two minutes, in total, in the American news media. Iraq not only had no part in the 2001 attacks, it had not attacked its former ally, the United States, in any way at all. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Iraq was, in fact, toothless, until George Bush, enabled by cheering Republicans and pathetically ignorant neocons, attacked.

Having mired the United States military and economy in the Iraq quag for over five years, fighting an imaginary terrorist outfit that didn’t exist in Iraq but had to be invented out of the less-than-whole cloth of George Bush’s mind and his toady military geniuses at the Pentagon to justify the horrendous loss of life and treasure and the treasure of life, George McBush now finds that Afghanistan has degenerated and is about to become what it was six years ago.

The so-called government of Afghanistan has almost as much as zero control over anything outside of its President’s house. The Taliban, Islamist fundamentalists as brutal and ignorant as religious and political fundamentalists everywhere, are back, in force, and might well be holding a party in Kabul honoring their savior, the man who brought them back from the dead, John McBush.

Meanwhile McBush and his cronies are begging the Europeans to send more troops to Afghanistan to take part in the murder of women and children in wedding parties by American fighter planes.

Simultaneously McBush is claiming success in Iraq.

Unfortunately if he pulls American troops out of Iraq to fight in Afghanistan, Iraq will most likely reveal its true condition – an uncivil war between religious/political factions, a war that, given the vast destruction rained on the country by those clever Americans and that brilliant American kiss-up military, is guaranteed to continue until another Saddam-like strongman emerges.

And while all this goes on, what does McBush do?

Threatens to go to war with yet another country, Iran, over a bogus issue. Stop enriching uranium, caws McBush, or I will slaughter hundreds of thousands of Iranians and rain missiles on your cities and your infrastructure and maybe even on your nuclear facilities if I can figure out where you put them.

That’s what passes for diplomacy in the American government these days. A brain-damaged President who belongs in a padded cell on Death Row yelling threats at a country that can retaliate by turning the Middle East into a blazing hellpit whose flames will consume the United States, the Middle East, and the world economy.

And yet there exists no substantial proof that Iran has committed any illegal act in the matter at hand. Iran has the same right to enrich uranium and build reactors as any other country. And they haven’t attacked anyone in decades. But McBush, a man whose paranoid delusions seemingly know no bounds, is determined to prove that he’s a man’s man, and the only way he knows how to do that is to swagger about and yell at people he thinks he needs to kill in order to prove what a man he is.

And then there’s the ultimate irony that he’s using American money and troops to support recognized terrorist groups inside Iran, aiding them in their attempts to destabilize the government and bring on the same sort of chaos that killed a million people in Iraq and turned over four million into refugees.

McBush’s war on terror is the political equivalent of the agricultural war on insects. You can pour insecticide on generations of boll weevils, and they will soon become immune and their numbers will grow. So you dose them with a stronger poison, and pretty soon they will again be immune. In the meantime you poison the land, you poison the water, you poison the crops, and you poison the people.

McBush is poisoning the world with his ignorance, with his paranoia, with his stupidity, with his arrogance, with his bombs and threats of bombs. He has poisoned his own country, greasing its slide into fascism and economic destruction.

And he wants to continue these policies for a hundred years, a hundred years of wasting treasure and lives, a hundred years of laying waste to societies, including his own;  a hundred years more of stupidity, of arrogance, of ignorance, of crimes against humanity.

After all, that’s the Republican way.


4 Responses

  1. I love Repuglicans, don’t you? (gag, gag!)


  2. It’s simple. If something doesn’t work, try something else. Putting Afghanistan back together after 30 years of war and unrest is too hard, so let’s go after Iraq. Whoops, invading Iraq just took the lid off of the ethnic and religious animosity previously capped by a brutal dictatorships, so let’s go after Iran now. Maybe that’ll work. Yeah. That’s the ticket. Third time’s a charm.

    Dammit!!!! Anti-terrorism is police work — either through domestic law enforcement or professional intelligence agencies. Law enforcement keeps the damage to an ‘acceptable’ level (much like using predatory insects, careful use of insecticides, and other low-impact pest control policies in farming). War just, as you said, breeds terrorists who are resistant to whatever level of horror we and they have managed to create.

    And the sad part is, now that modern terrorism has been created, how do we uncreate them.


  3. Do you think Bush will go down in history as a Caligula, Nero or some other despot? He’s got to be, hands down, the worst US President ever.


  4. I’d like to see him go down in history as the first president of the United States to be executed for war crimes.


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