Republican Justice Department Employees Commit Felonies, Go Free

The latest stench from the United States s0-called Department of Justice identifies Republican political appointees working within DOJ deliberately refusing to consider job applicants with any sort of Democratic or progressive leaning or connections.

That’s a violation of Federal law, and a violation of strict decades-long non-discrimination practices at DOJ. Their actions were and are part of the reason the DOJ has become a putrid, corrupt branch of the Bush Administration’s cabal to destroy effective government in the United States.

None of the employees involved currently work at DOJ. They include a Michael Elston, former deputy attorney general staff chief, who is accused of “…failing to make sure the hirings were proper – and giving evasive and misleading answers about why they were not.” [From hard copy news story in the Globe.] Last year Monica Goodling, an aide to the sleazy former AG, Alberto Gonzales, admitted in sworn testimony before a Congressional committee that she used political considerations in hiring decisions. She said she ‘might have violated the law’.

She worked in the heart of the justice department and didn’t know if her actions violated the law? That’s the kind of people Republicans put into positions of power. Incompetent or corrupt or utterly lacking in conscience or who put their own corrupt Republican ideology ahead of the law and the Constitution. Or any combination of those qualities held dear by the Republican hierarchy. We’ve seen it in FEMA. We’ve seen it in the Defense Department. We’ve seen it in NASA and the FDA and the Department of Agriculture. It’s the standard operating procedure of the Federal Government under Republican rule. Thousands of people have died because of it. Thousands suffer every day because of it. The country is swirling the drain because of it.

And it goes on and on.

The hard copy story, which differs from the online version, concludes:

Although federal law prohibits discriminating against government job applicants based on their politics, it’s unlikely that any of those involved in the hiring process will be penalized since they no longer work at the department.

Why the hell not? They broke the law, and they broke it in the heart of the justice system. Why are they getting away with it? Likely because they’re Republicans and Republicans accept as a matter of course that they are above the law.

Michael Mukasey, reputed to be the Attorney General, but in fact little more than a Bush Administration whore who will do whatever his psychotic boss in the White House wants him to do, without regard for the law and the Constitution, said the following in the last graph of the online article in the Globe:

“I have . . . made clear, and will continue to make clear, that the consideration of political affiliations in the hiring of career Department employees is impermissible and unacceptable,” Mukasey said.

His credibility is on a par with that of George Bush.

Justice, the heart of democracy, has been befouled and corrupted by these people to the point where is will take years, if not a generation, to clean up the ideological filth.

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