McCain Used Slave Labor For Alabama Meeting, And Got A Discount

Back in April in the city of Homewood, Alabama John McCain got an 80% discount off the normal booking rate for a meeting space in a facility called Rosewood Hall.

Democrats who rented the hall were charged the full rate of $1,200.

McCain was also given free labor. Not that the laborers had any choice, since they were inmates of the Homewood City Jail. Sounds a lot like slavery. Oh, not the old style full-blown White Massa Big House slavery. More like the new style White Massa White House slavery from the old white guy running the usual Republican racist political campaign.

Maybe the inmates enjoyed the respite. Maybe not. Apparently nobody thought to ask them. Nobody asks the people at the bottom if they want to be treated as mere dispensable and disposable objects for the benefit of the scum at the top.


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  2. slave labor?? ahhhhh why can’t anyone see what mccain’s doing! i bet the people at the mill would love to see this article


  3. We’ll link to you in a few minutes!

    Also check out:


  4. oh lmao sorry for the double post with the mill link, haha


  5. Grumpy Lion,

    Just out of curiosity, what did the labor of the inmates involve? Did they decorate and prepare the hall for McCain’s event?

    With respect, whilst I am absolutely against slavery, I personally do not have a problem with prisoners being forced to do public works. They have to do time somehow, and a small amount of public works may be healthy for their rehabilitation process.

    In relation to your point that the inmates were not asked whether or not they wished to do the work, I also do not have a problem with this either. Nobody asks them if they want to go to prison either – that is simply their punishment.

    However, I do see your point that those at the bottom are often not shown sufficient respect from those at the top.




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