General Taguba: Bush Administration Has Committed War Crimes

In today’s Globe, on the front page of the hard copy no less, Bryan Bender of the Globe Staff, writes about the report to be issued today by the Physicians for Human Rights that details medical evidence of torture on eleven former prisoners of the American Republican regime’s so-called war on terror.

Not only were these men subject to ‘severe physical and sexual assault’, the torture was aided and abetted by ‘American health professionals’ who denied care to the victims and made no attempt to stop the torture they witnessed.

All eleven victims have been released and none – none, not one – were charged with any crime. They were held for months and years, four in the hellhole of Guantanamo, seven in Iraq. They were tortured with electric shocks; they had broomsticks shoved up their asses; they were beaten; they were stabbed and sliced; and victimized by psychologists and medical personnel. These acts were done by Americans.

Retired Army Major General Antonio Taguba, who conducted the official investigation of prisoner abuse, torture, and murder at Abu Ghraib in 2004, wrote in the preface:

This report tells the largely untold human story of what happened to detainees in our custody when the commander in chief and those under him authorized a systematic regime of torture…

…There is no longer any doubt as to whether the current administration has committed war crimes.

Physicians for Human Rights concluded that:

…all of the interrogation techniques the 11 men allegedly endured – including officially sanctioned exposure to extreme temperatures and placement in “stress positions,” as well as unauthorized treatment such as sexual abuse – violated both domestic criminal law and international human rights treaties.

George Bush, who has all the credibility of a drug addict who’s been strung out for a few days, denies he ever condoned torture. Fortunately for him the civilized people who will ultimately try him for war crimes and crimes against humanity are unlikely to use his favorite ‘aggressive but legal’ interrogation techniques on him. And if they have any sense of decency and justice they’ll just hang the son of a bitch alongside the American soldiers and operatives who carried out, and continue to carry out, acts of abuse, torture, and murder of prisoners.

It should be noted that Senator John ‘Bomb-Bomb’ McCain, reputed to be a candidate to replace George Bush in the Office of the President of the United States, and himself a victim of torture, supports the torture of prisoners. By extension, he and his friend George Bush support the abuse, torture, and murder of American soldiers unfortunate enough to be captured by the enemy du jour. The Republicans apparently haven’t figured out yet the truth of that hoary old aphorism, ‘What goes around, comes around’.


2 Responses

  1. Powerful post.

    I have been wondering what mechanisms there are for bringing war criminals to trial. There must be some???


  2. heather –

    I suspect Steph can answer that off the top of her head.


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